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Sweat with the Kids: 4 Family Friendly Workouts

  Family Exercise Ideas As a mom, you are constantly pulled in many directions while you try to do it all. But unless you make time to take care of yourself, it's tough to be on your A game. Squeezing exercise into your busy schedule is … Read More

An Unbelievable Yet Reliable Method Of Managing Your Finances

How I Organized My Chaos, and How You Can Too! I admit it.  I am anal. Obsessively anal. I need my world to be neat and orderly, just so, and when it’s not, I’m just not right.  So it should come as no surprise that I require checklists, and … Read More

4 Tips to Lose Weight With Weight Watchers

Fitness coach Kendra Fletcher shares 4 tips that can help us follow Weight Watchers successfully. She joined Weight Watchers in October 2011 after having her second child and realizing that she needed a structured system to help her lose weight. She … Read More

JEEPERS! It’s January #Giveaway Hop

Yes, it is officially January. Can you believe it? It's the start of a New Year which means there are more chances for you to start fresh and be a new you. Thanks to our hosts The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island you can join this fabulous hop and … Read More