Atrico 6-Port USB Charger Review

atrico usb charger

My house probably has TOO many electronics floating around between phones, tablets, and consoles. This can be a good and bad thing. The bad thing about most electronics is that they need charging eventually and with two boys losing cords left and right that's not always an easy thing to do. ... [ Read More ]

Liztek 4-Port USB Hub with 1 Charger Port Review

liztek usb hub

  For our new house my husband finally got an office he LOVES! It's very open and doesn't make him feel like he's in a dungeon like his old office. We decided his new office needed a new desk. He chose an executive desk - the kind where the power and actual computer are within the desk. ... [ Read More ]

3 Ways Working Moms Can Get More Sleep

mom sleep

  Getting the doctor’s recommended eight hours of sleep is hard for any mom, but it can be especially challenging when your home sanctuary is also your office. Work-at-home moms face a unique set of challenges, but getting enough sleep shouldn’t be one of them. ... [ Read More ]

Natural Dynamix Kids Gummy Cuties Multivitamins Review

gummy cuties vitamins

  My boys are sometimes not the best eaters in the world. Especially my youngest son. Here lately he pretty much only wants to eat one of three things: macaroni and cheese, pasta with alfredo sauce, or cereal. I always try to make him eat something healthy with it but there's only so much nutrition you can get from these meals. That's why I ... [ Read More ]