Salad, Summer, and Wendy’s!!! #BeyondTheBowl #CleverGirls #ad

wendys salad

Summer is literally right around the corner. In about a week and a half my boys will be out of school enjoying summer fun in the sun and of course a bit of extra sleeping. With summer almost underway the heat will be ramping up as well. When it's hot outside I particularly like eating cooler foods like salads. Instead of sweating it out eating a ... [ Read More ]

My Daughter is Sexting – Now What?


“I just found out my daughter has been sexting,” cried my friend over the phone. It was late and I was preparing a breakfast casserole for the next morning when I got the call. My friend was distraught and at her wit’s end. Her 15 year old daughter had been sexting her boyfriend. ... [ Read More ]

Parent Secrets: Keeping Kids Occupied

kids at wedding

If you’ve ever spent four hours on a plane listening to a fussy child who's bored out of his mind, or fought the urge to stare pointedly at parents who let their precious preschooler talk loudly through a wedding ceremony or funeral, you know how important-yet-challenging it can be to keep little ones appropriately occupied in certain situations. ... [ Read More ]