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Just because you are gearing up for your kiddos back to school debut next month doesn't mean you can't do a little shopping just for you too. We all deserve a little something something every now and then. So just throw in a few ME items while you're at it. Shhh, I won't tell! ... [ Read More ]

How to Fit a Workout into Your Busy Schedule

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For most moms, finding balance between work and family life can be difficult enough, let alone trying to find time to fit a healthy workout in. While getting out of the house to go to the gym, a yoga studio or spin class is a great option, it can be difficult for many moms to make arrangements with their partner or babysitter to free up this time. ... [ Read More ]

Let Me Tell You How I Took the Get Out of Debt Pledge


There's nothing unique about my situation – graduated college in the midst of the big 90's downturn, saddled with student loan debts and a hefty credit card balance. I took the easy way out – loan deferments, making minimum payments, and ignoring the rising numbers on my debt. Eventually, I settled down and started a family, adding an additional ... [ Read More ]

True Color iPhone 6 Wristlet Wallet Case Review

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I am not a purse woman. I just never really got into the habit I guess. From time to time I do carry a purse if I'm going certain places or need to carry certain items. For the most part though I carry just my wallet, keys, and cell phone. This can lead to some trouble on THOSE days. ... [ Read More ]

#ValentinaParis Wine Glasses Review

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I come from a family that is BIG into wine. Pretty much all the adults I came across in my childhood as a child LOVED it. My father. My mother. My grandmother. My aunt. My uncle. The list just goes on and ON. I have now acquired the taste for it myself thanks to wine clubs, particularly white wines. For reds I need to have a special glass that's ... [ Read More ]