How to Help Your Child Develop Through Play

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Spending quality time with your child is vital for them to grow healthy. Making and playing games provide learning at every opportunity. This infographic suggests games that you can play with your child to encourage the development of their speech, movement, creative and coordination skills.

Speaking with you baby and child provides them with comfort and a sense of security, in fact hearing your voice will give comfort even though tiny babies are unable to verbally respond. Listen to every sound your baby makes, mimic them, smile and encourage them to respond. Read books and more books to your child. They will love the closeness and learn via your voice and the pictures.

Encourage your child to be a mover and shaker by providing toys that can be pushed, pulled and climbed on. You don’t need expensive climbing equipment to make a place of exploration, a pile of cushions will do to begin with.

Providing your child with small toys and objects that they can pick up and examine will enhance their hand-eye and cognitive development. A bag filled with safe objects will become a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

Stacking bricks and open-ended toys are also a great way to help your child learn through play. This infographic by Wooden Toy Shop offers just a few wonderful games to play with your child as they develop and grow.

Helping Your Child Develop Through Play

What are some of your favorite ways to play with an infant or toddler?


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