15 Fantastic Reasons to Clear Out the Clutter

SpareFoot.com, the largest online marketplace for self-storage, offers up some advice on why you should cut out the clutter at home in a beautifully designed image. With information taken from some of the most influential organizational websites, this infographic should give incentive to those that are in need of some organization in their lives.

clutter infographic 15 Fantastic Reasons to Clear Out the Clutter
Produced by SpareFoot. Copyright 2013.


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4 responses to 15 Fantastic Reasons to Clear Out the Clutter

  1. People who say they never need to de-clutter are often lying…………………we do it once a year or so and it is amazing how much junk we collect over time
    joannerambling recently posted..Do you read?My Profile

  2. Susan Cooper

    De cluttering your home is so important for many reasons. Stress management is top of my list. :-)
    Twitter: SusanPCooper

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