Three Baby Shower Invitation Ordering Mistakes To Avoid

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When a mom to be is planning her baby shower it can be quite a stressful time. After all, she is having a baby and she just wants everything to be perfect. That is only natural . Every mother-to-be should have the baby shower of their dreams (including the diaper cake). What could possibly go wrong? It seems that baby shower invitations are the top of the list things that can go wrong during the planning process. There are three top examples regarding baby shower invitations problems which we will list below!

1. Wrong Color

Every baby shower has its own theme and color. Imagine a mother is waiting on her green baby shower invitations. She goes out to her mailbox, opens the package, only to find out she ordered pink instead of green. She feels a strong feeling of disappointment. She wonders how this could have happened. She thought for sure she ordered the right color. Thankfully she has just enough time to send them back and get the right color. However, what if she didn’t have enough time? The disappointment would be unbearable.

2. Wrong Date

Imagine going to your baby shower and waiting for your guests to arrive. A length of time passes and no one has shown up. So, thinking of your baby shower invitation, you check it, and notice the date is wrong. You feel so disappointed and just so upset. This is probably the worst mistake that can be made when planning a baby shower. The food you have will most likely go to waste and you will have to start over, and there may not be enough time since the baby is most likely coming soon!

3. Wrong Place

If you decide to make your own baby shower invitations, it can be easy to misspell or accidentally add the wrong number of the house/building that you are having you celebration at. So, you should recheck the information in case something has been entered wrong. Another mistake that can happen is giving your guests the wrong address for the event. Then, it can be such a hassle to get a hold of everyone to tell them the correct place. It is essential that you double check all the information before sending out the invitation.

Those are just the top three experiences that could go wrong when it comes to baby shower invitations. There are many other things that can go wrong as well. So many people make their own baby shower invitations and then print them out or use a basic program to make them. However, did you know there is a website that is very specific about their details and will be sure to get the invitations right the first time? Also, the risk of getting the wrong color goes away as well because this company has a variety of themes you can choose from.

At PaperStyle Invitations, mothers find it is easy to plan their upcoming baby shower. The PaperStyle site has it all! Planning your baby shower should be a fun and exciting experience. To make your baby shower less stressful, let PaperStyle assist you in your planning of your big celebration.

The author of this post, Melis Ramsey is a writer who writes about kids and parenting. She recommends for baby shower Invitations to reach out PaperStyle Invitations for unique designs.


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  1. Susan Cooper says:

    It is so important to check, re check, and triple check anything that is being printed. I have always been extremely careful when doing invitations or things like business cards. 🙂

  2. It’s always a good idea to have a second pair of eyes look over the proofs and double or triple check spellings of hosts’ names and RSVP info.

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