4 Fun Father’s Day Gifts Kids Can Help Make

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Are your kids at a loss as to what to get dad for Father’s Day? No problem! Sharon Blatt, Community Manager at Slidely shares some great ideas for Father’s Day that are sure to help you out.

Do your kids want to show appreciation to Dad, but don’t know how? Not to worry! Here are 4 ideas to bring a huge smile to Dad’s face that they will love doing!

Travel Journal


Does Dad love to travel, or travels a lot because due to his job? Make him a travel journal. It’s also a great activity and makes a wonderful present, all you need is:

* A plain notebook (a hard cover will look better)
* Magazines that have photos from around the world
* A world map (you can print one)
* Scissors
* Tape
* Markers

1) Search the magazines for inspirational photos from around the world, such as beaches, mountains, markets, famous monuments and more. Cut out a nice amount and make a collage out of them on the cover of the notebook. Once you and the kids are satisfied with the collage, tape them on.

2) Take the world map and place it in the middle part of the notebook so it’s easy to find. This way Dad can mark where he’s been and where he wants to go.

3) Have the kids write little notes every few pages, such as: “Miss you Dad!”, “How is the food here?”

4) All done! Now Dad can write his memories and experiences while he’s on the road.

A Personal Dad Mug


One option is to buy a plain colored mug and a permanent marker. Your kids can write or draw whatever they want, such as: “We love you Dad!” / “Happy Father’s Day!”

Another option is to let your kids chose out one family photo, and find a store near you that prints on mugs. Super simple and a great present to receive!

To make it more fun have your kids surprise Dad with a cup of coffee and breakfast in bed. This is something every Dad will enjoy.



The weather in June is perfect for a picnic. What better way to spend the day than laying in the sun, playing with the kids, and enjoying some delicious picnic food? Here’s what you need to do:

1)      Find a spot. Somewhere near home is the best, as you will be carrying food and we all know how kids can get in long drives. Make sure there is enough shade and that it’s not crowded so you can enjoy some peace and quiet.

2)      Plan the menu! Get your kids involved and give them a sense of responsibility, have them plan the menu and make adjustments in the end. Even if there will only be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, they’ll feel great it was their choice.

3) Pack a Frisbee and other toys that are fun to use in the park and go have fun!

Make a Slideshow

You must have millions of photos you’ve gathered on your computer and phone from family trips and events. Use them to create a Slideshow and add one of Dad’s favorite songs.

Let the kids pick out which photos get included and arrange them in the order they want. To make the show even bigger, sit Dad down and connect the comp or phone to the TV, put up the volume and let him enjoy the show! There’s nothing like memories from good times for a boost of happiness which will make Dad smile.

You can also combine the presents, on the picnic take photos and videos and mash them up into a Father’s Day Show to share with the rest of the family and your friends!

Happy Father’s Day!


Community Manager at Slidely


  1. Some great ideas indeed although Father’s Day isn’t till September

  2. Krystle
    Great ideas and my two daughters are so technically savvy that making a slide show would be easy for them and they would really enjoy it as well. Thanks for the great ideas!

    • Hi Dana! It’s amazing how much technology children know these days. Almost more than us. I bet your girls would make an amazing slide show!

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