7 Cool Inexpensive Organizing Tips

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You don’t need a full remodel to make your home seem more valuable. A well-planned use of space combined with good organization provides an instant face lift and increases the perceived value of the house.

#1: Organize Your Lids

Don’t toss that old wire CD rack after you move all your music to digital. Instead, relocate it to your kitchen cupboard. When placed on its side, the dividers on the rack create a perfect storage solution for all the odd-size lids you need for your plastic storage containers. Not only are they contained and organized, you can find the lid you need with a quick glance.

#2: Roll Your Ribbons

Tangled ribbon putting a damper on your gift wrapping plans? A simple paper towel holder is just the thing. You can co-opt either a stand up model or an under-counter model. Stack the ribbon spools on the towel rod so they are all together and stay on the roll until you are ready to use them.

#3: DIY a Tupperware Organizer

Turn some scrap fabric into the perfect space-saving storage solution for your Tupperware lids. All you need is two rectangles of sturdy fabric that are the same size but smaller than your cabinet door. Cut one rectangle into three segments, and then sew these segments onto the first rectangle to create pockets. Mount the storage pockets on the inside of the door and tuck the lids inside.

#4: Master Your Power Strip

Untangle your cords by labeling your power strips. You can purchase stick on labels, zip-tie style labels to attach to each cord, or create your own with a marker and bread tabs. The zip-tie labels are exceptionally helpful because you can contain the excess cord while marking the cord – thus getting two birds with one stone.

#5: Hang Up Your Hat

Hats and scarves taking over your closet? Use a clothes hanger, shower curtain rings and some S-hooks to create a hanging storage solution. Simply loop the rings or hooks over the hanger rod. You can slip scarves through the rings and hang hats on the hooks for a quick and inexpensive solution.

#6: Get Control of Under-Sink Storage

Too many spray bottles can clutter up the space under your sink, leading to lost product or spills. Place a small curtain rod inside the cabinet and hang the spray bottles on it. You can easily find what you are looking for and you gain some extra storage space beneath the bottles.

#7: Create a Knife Rail

A drawer full of knives makes it risky to find what you are looking for, and knife storage blocks can dull the blades. Invest in a magnetic strip and mount it on your wall in the kitchen. Your knives are then safely stored and you can quickly find just the blade you want when you need it.

What’s your best organizing hack?


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  1. Cool ideas Krystle. Anything that can keep me even more organized is always helpful, especially kitchen tips. 🙂

    • Thanks Susan! My dad has done the magnetic knife strip since I can remember. I need to actually do it. I have a lot of knives just thrown in a drawer. Bad me!

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