Instilling The True Magic Of Christmas Into Our Children’s Hearts

How To Believe In The Magic Of Christmas Christmas is a favorite time of the year for most kids. It’s a time for family, presents and shiny and whimsical decorations. It’s not always like that for adults, because the feeling wears off after a couple of dozens of times. That’s why it’s up to the […]

6 Ways to Inspire Thankfulness in Children

  With Thanksgiving approaching, it is time to ask ourselves, do we really know how to appreciate what we have? This holiday is so much more than “putting up” with your relatives and eating turkey, and it is a great opportunity to remember to nourish the sense of gratitude, not only in yourself but also in […]

Teaching Children Meaningful Life Skills: Becoming a Good Friend

  Before becoming a good friend, kids need to have all the skills necessary to attain a meaningful relationship. Working on their character, and finding value within them, kids will be able to find, and surround themselves with equally caring, and loving friends. Kids will learn that with friendship, you can always have someone to […]

How to Use Parties to Promote Your Children’s Cognitive Development

Parents often frown at the mention of kids’ parties since it usually involves a lot of noise, running around, unpredictable chaos and quite a tangible mess to clean up after it’s all done. However, there are ways we can use parties to actually work both for us and the kids. There are three main areas […]