New Baby? Losing Postpartum Weight on a Budget

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While your new baby is a bouncing bundle of joy, that extra weight you’re probably carrying isn’t. According to WebMD, the average woman will gain approximately 25 to 35 pounds while pregnant. While chowing down for two is understandable when you’re carrying, it’s important for your health and self esteem to try to get back into shape as quickly as possible after you give birth.

However, for most new moms, money is tight with the arrival of a new baby. Forget those trendy pills, powders and an ex-Marine yelling at you at the gym. It’s easy to get fit on a budget using what you have handy around the house. In fact, you can even make it part of your baby’s new routine.

Strolling With Friends

Getting your baby into the fresh air is great for developing their senses, and it’s also great for getting you back on the road. Try to aim to walk at least one or two miles per day to start seeing real results. Many mommies have walking and workout clubs as well. Check message boards and websites to see if other moms in your area are making use of local parks or walking paths. Not only is it free, but it’s a great way to meet other new parents.

That’s Entertainment

Everyone knows that there’s nothing worse than a bored baby. Making sure that you have the right entertainment for them can actually buy you time to squeeze in some exercise. Look at purchasing a baby gym mat that your little tot can play with while you do some free weights or even a workout video.

There are even DVD’s that focus on “Mommy and Me” style workouts, where you can touch and play with your child while getting fit. Take a look at your local library to see what you can rent for free. Sites such as eBay or Craigslist also have a great marketplace for used workout videos on the cheap.

Let’s Go Yoga Now

Around for thousands of years, it seems like the ancients were really on to something when they came up with yoga. Not only can it help a pregnant mom-to-be to strengthen her muscles and build up the endurance for childbirth, but it can also do wonders to keep you calm. The slow stretching and gentle rhythms of yoga can also be great when you’re a new mom, as baby can comfortably play in a baby play yard or baby gym mat while mommy gets her workout in.

Baby Weight

Chances are you already have a baby carrier for your little one. Turn that into a workout powerhouse by using your baby as an extra weight for your workouts. Front carriers become great for lower body toning by engaging in some gentle squats or even a brisk walk around the block. Other carriers can help to tone up those arms by getting some lifting in. Fitting in these workouts doesn’t even have to be difficult. Just put on your favorite television show, pop baby in their carrier and start lifting.

Snack Time Lunges

When your baby gets old enough, he or she will be sitting in a high chair for their meals and snacks. You can easily turn this into an opportunity to strengthen that lower body by putting some lunges into lunchtime. Keep your movements fluid and steady, focusing on stretching your body with a piece of cereal for your child to take. When they’ve taken it, slowly bring yourself up to standing position. This is great for building up that flabby post-baby tummy and any excess weight you may be carrying around your thighs and hips.

Getting your exercise in to get toned up after you’ve given birth is easy when you make it a “mommy and me” time. Look for opportunity where ever you can to boost your maximum fitness. Remember, getting fit doesn’t have to involve expensive items. Fitness is all around you, and opportunity is everywhere.

Being a mother of four, Domonique Powell knows how hard it is to get off the dreaded baby weight. Her daily workout routine consisted of P90X for her and a baby gym mat for her little one.



  1. Hi Krystle
    These tips don’t apply to me as I’m a senior but its great information for the new moms. Besides losing the weight, it seems to me that it would improve health and even help with postpartum depression. Good stuff.

  2. My “baby” days are long behind, but I could sure loose some extra weight 🙂 I am sure I could modify your tips to suit my situation.

    • Yes, you def could Sandy. Just by switching things up you could add little exercises to your daily routine even if you aren’t a new mother. Even men could do this.

  3. Jess @UsedYorkCity says:

    Great ideas! On days when I don’t feel like schlepping to the studio, I love doing free yoga or exercise videos on youtube…even the 10 minute long ones make a total difference, and don’t take a huge chunk of time!

    • Great idea! I need to check out exercise videos on you tube then. I want to lose a few pounds before a trip I am taking.

  4. Paul Graham says:

    I always learn from you Krystle. It would never occur to a guy that losing weight required a budget !

    • For some people losing weight is hard and they often think that going to costly gyms and such is the only way to lose weight. Lucky for them it’s not. People just have to have the discipline to push forward, do it themselves, and stick to a routine 🙂

  5. You always bring me back to my own experiences of when my children were little. I enjoy that. Good ideas!

  6. I gained a lot when gave birth to my baby girl. I worked really hard to lose weight. I did a lot of exercise with my baby on budget to reduce weight. I also believe it is easy to be in original form on budget without using pills and stuff.
    It is nice to share such tips.

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