Balancing Your Time: Household Chores and Time with the Kids

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I suspect most parents feel guilty about not spending enough time with their kids – there are just so many other demands such as household chores. Time is a precious commodity, but it may be possible to free up some more of it by looking closely at your routines. Here are a few suggestions for how you can improve the balance between household chores and being with your kids:

Choose the Right Cleaning Supplies

Purchasing the right cleaning supplies can mean you waste less time on household chores. For example, this is why carpet cleaner can be such an essential cleaning tool – it is much easier than trying to scrub the carpet with something not designed for the task. It doesn’t have to cost too much money to have a well-stocked cupboard of cleaning supplies, and it can be worth it if it saves you time.

Encourage Your Children to Help You with Household Chores

You can spend time with your kids and do the household chores by allowing them to join in. Even young children can participate if you turn it into a bit of a game. The secret to making this work is to choose the right tasks for your child – otherwise you could end up making more work for yourself. It can also be a good idea to give children some household chores (e.g. cleaning their room) because it can be beneficial for their development.

Create a Schedule for Household Chores

The advantage of a schedule is that it allows you to stay on top of your household chores. It makes it possible for you to think more carefully about when you do these tasks so you are more in control of your time. You may find that you can schedule at least some of these chores for the kids are away at school or sleeping.

Understand That Quality is Just as Important Quantity

The quality of the time you spend with your kids is just as important as the quantity of time. There are just so many hours in the day, and all you can do is your best. It is always going to be nice to spend more time with your kids, but it is better to make the most of the time you have.




  1. Oh yes, yes on having kids help with the chores, Fiona! Time is a precious commodity and it’s such a difficult balance. Your suggestion to make a game of it is absolutely perfect 🙂

  2. I remember the days when I would try and get my daughters to do some housework it was easier said than done, yes there was times when they would help willingly however most of the time they would complain and want to do nothing

    • Ah yes. Most of the time my son complains when I ask to do something but other times he’s like what can I do. Of course it’s usually when I can think of nothing but cleaning his room and he always rather not do that.

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