Beard Oil: A Great Gift for Father’s Day

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Beard Oil

Beards are becoming very popular these days, and it doesn’t look like this trend is going away anytime soon. With more and more male celebrities sporting facial hair, the odds that many gents are considering growing one are pretty high. After all, who doesn’t want to get the kind of attention a celebrity gets? Therefore, even if your husband, son or father does not have a beard yet, it is highly likely that they are interested in growing one in the near future.

As beards become more prominent, products associated with the proper care of facial hair are also becoming more popular. For example, beard oil is now a highly sought after item, and it makes the perfect beard enthusiast’s gift for Father’s Day or any other special occasion.

And experts such as those at Lumberjacks Beard Oil make it easy for bearded men to get the products that they are clamoring over, and they also provide a simple way for women to help the men in their life get the most out of growing facial hair. In fact, with beard oil’s popularity rising, it is a good idea to become familiar with exactly what it is and why men everywhere have begun using it.

The What and Whys of Beard Oil

Beard oil is specifically designed to benefit the facial hair and skin of men who enjoy growing and cultivating a nice looking beard. Good beard oil is a combination of natural ingredients that not only go to work developing a healthy beard but also help to give a man’s beard some character, as well.

Beard oil is applied daily by hand to the beard and the surrounding skin. Contrary to popular belief, beard oil does not add a glistening effect to a beard that makes it constantly look wet. The truth is that beard oil actually makes a beard look healthier and feel more comfortable to the man who is wearing it, and this also offers benefits to the woman in his life.

Soft to the Touch

As we move onto the whys of beard oil, we are reminded that beard hair is not quite the same as the hair on a man’s head. Beard follicles tend to grow thicker than head hair, and they can also be shaped differently. The hair on a man’s head may be straight, but his beard hair could turn out to be curly. This is the reason that beard oil is required to keep a man’s beard looking its best.

Beard oil has ingredients that make a beard soft to the touch and easy to manage. Combining the once daily usage of beard oil with occasional beard combing throughout the day will deliver amazingly soft results, and this will make the special man in your life’s facial hair feel really nice when you run your fingers through it.

That Special Scent

When some people choose a shampoo, they do so because of the scent the shampoo leaves in their hair all day long. You can buy unscented beard oil for your significant other, but there are also several manly scents such as pine forest and cedar mill that will make any man’s beard smell wonderful. This could even be the perfect replacement for aftershave lotion or cologne, so it is possible to help your man smell his best and improve his grooming habits with just one item.

Softens the Skin

One of the main reasons that some men do not choose to grow a beard is because facial hair can irritate their skin. However, when a man uses beard oil from the very beginning of the growing process, the oil’s moisturizers will keep their skin soft and prevent itching. Even when the beard is at its full glory, using beard oil daily will ensure that a man and his beard are comfortable all day long. In other words, your favorite guy will feel better throughout the day, and it will also be much more pleasant when his beard touches your face.

As beards become more popular, products such as beard oil make the process of growing and maintaining a beard easier. Any man who either has a beard or plans on growing one needs to check out the Lumberjack’s beard oil solutions. Alternatively, you can help your significant other, father or son find the right beard oil to complement their facial hair.

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  1. Love this idea. It’s too bad my husband dies like things like this. Bummer.

  2. McKayla Strauss says:

    This sounds like a pretty decent gift idea. My dad’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to get him. I know that he recently mentioned that he wants to grow his beard out, so he might appreciate getting a bottle or two of beard oil! It should be fun to shop around and see what kinds are available.

    • It would be perfect for someone growing out their beard! It will make him feel classy having the right grooming products 🙂

  3. Westly Smith says:

    It’s true that bears are becoming very popular. I’ve even considered growing one myself. I think that beard oil is a great fathers day gift. It just so happens that my father has a huge beard! I think my dad will enjoy sculpting his beard.

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