Beating the Baby Book Blues

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For many busy moms, best intentions trump productivity when it comes to keeping their baby book current. Caring for a new baby, never mind documenting it, takes more time and energy than even the most energetic new mom can muster up.

Traditional baby books require tons of hand journaling and photo printing and handcrafted scrapbooks require hours of cropping, adding embellishments and creative thought. If you’re anything like most moms, you barely get out your supplies before you have to repack them up or you’re forced to schedule baby book time in your schedule just to catch up.

Fortunately for busy moms, there are a few tips to help them keep current and ensure they capture their child’s moments that they can treasure forever.

Choose an Online, Digital Baby Journal

Baby journals like Kidmondo allow parents to update their baby books anytime, anywhere they have Internet access. This allows parents to document their baby’s lives and keep their energy while doing it. Parents can snap a photo with their smartphone and easily add it to their journal and email their journal updates directly. Since the pages are already laid out you can customize as much or as little as you wish. When you’re ready, simply order a printed copy of your baby book as a keepsake to cherish forever.

Make a List of Milestones You Want to Capture

Having a list of milestones you want to document capture, like baby’s first bath and baby’s first smile, can help you to avoid missing out on milestones you want to capture. Create a smartphone note and check each milestone off as you capture it.

Take Monthly Photos at the Same Time with the Same Set Up

A great way to avoid a huge gap in your photo journaling is to take a photo of your baby the first of the month in the same place. Whether it’s lying next to a favorite lovely or in while in his car seat, you can document your baby’s growth and easily compare it month to month. Place a sticker on your baby’s shirt to indicate what month you’re documenting.

When You Think of It, Write It Down

Or more easily, text yourself a note to update your journal later or even better, email your online journal directly. When you have a funny story you know is a keeper, don’t risk forgetting it.

Make Updating Your Journal Part of Your Routine

With a digital baby book it only takes a few minutes to update.  Since you can update from your smartphone or mobile device, you can update when you’re idling in your older child’s school pickup line or lying in bed before your dose off at night. Set time in your weekly routine to catchup as an easy way to keep current.

When a new baby is born into a family, everyone wants to watch her grow and track her development. An added bonus of bringing a baby book online is that parents can easily share updates by granting secure access to family and friends.

While it can be tempting to feel badly that you didn’t document your baby’s life as you wanted, especially if you’re on your second, don’t. By making a few changes to the way you chronicle your child’s life you can stay current and you won’t have to feel badly about it.



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