BeltLock Review: Stop Kids from Unbuckling the Seat Belt

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Car seat safety isn’t as easy as it sounds especially with the little ones that occupy them. I’m not sure what it is but for a while there my youngest could not stay buckled in the car. We’d buckle him in his car seat but then come to find at our destination that the car seat itself was unbuckled from the car. It was quite nerve-racking and not the car bonding experience I wanted.

It was even worse finding out he was unbuckled while driving cause then I’m there trying to buckle him while my husband is driving or trying to tell his older brother to buckle him. I can’t tell you how many cricks in the neck I’ve gotten from twisting back all weird in the backseat like some contortionist.

Either he would unbuckle his seatbelt or his brother would – either way I couldn’t stand it. I wanted him to be safe and secure and not able to fly with his car seat if we wrecked. For a while we had been wondering if there was something that would prevent him from unbuckling his seatbelt but never found anything. I saw the buckle and cup idea on Pinterest but what is even better is the BeltLock (about $17 US).

The BeltLock prevents children from opening the seatbelt that secures their child seat or it could even be used on any seatbelt if that’s your wish.

It’s super easy to install. All you do is slip it over the top of the buckle mechanism and then slide in the buckle as usual. Part of the BeltLock covers the release button preventing little one’s from freeing themselves.

Releasing the BeltLock is just as easy. You just insert a key or narrow object and press the buckle release button. That’s it. Super easy and effective! I wish I would have had this product when my kids were always unbuckling themselves – might have saved me a few gray hairs.

To learn about and purchase this product please visit the BeltLock website.

Have your little ones ever freed themselves in the car? What happened?

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  1. Tom Shewbridge says:

    I love the ingenious idea behind the product, but as a 23+ year Paramedic, my only concern is that in an emergency if a Parent begins to panic or drops their keys, it will be increasingly more difficult for them to get it free.

    • I agree! Maybe parents that have one of these should always have a certain spot (and several of them) to keep the unlocking utensil handy in case of an emergency.

  2. Tom Shewbridge says:

    Love the idea, child seat safety is a big concern, and should always be taken seriously.

    My only question comes to the moment when a Mom, or Parent might have to quickly remove the seat belt, say in a car crash, or other incident. What if they panic? Or drop their keys?

    As a Paramedic of 23+ years, I love the ingenuity behind this, just concerned about that moment when you might really need to get it unbuckled.

  3. This was a long time ago but yes, my fiance’s kids got free out of their seats. It required pulling over immediately and addressing the problem because her being unbuckled while driving trying to get them secured was just as dangerous. Finally we just hogtied the little fellers to the hood with rope…could keep an eye on them there with no problem! I’M KIDDING! There are great seats out there these days thank goodness and actually very affordable for the life-saving “vessel” that they are. Good post, Krystle! 🙂

    • LOL Mike. Hood of the car. We may wish sometimes we could do that. It was bad when my youngest could unbuckle the actual car seat buckle that had him strapped in the seat AND the buckle that had the seat to the car. He’s always been Houdini.

  4. susan cooper says:

    That is a wonderful invention. It is always so scarey for a parent when your child is suddenly unbuckled while you are driving

    • Yes, it is very nerve wrecking. My son loved doing this. SO scary. I totally wish I had this product when he was younger.

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