Brew n Fill Universal Keurig Reusable Coffee Filters Review

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reusable k cups

In this household my grandfather and I are the only ones that drink coffee. My husband just snubs his nose at while my grandfather and I each have at least one cup a day.

The thing is we are both very specific about our coffees. He especially likes the kind served at a local restaurant here. We even had to ask what kind they serve and luckily we are able to buy a bag of it online. Unlike Olive Garden that has a proprietary blend that we can’t buy.

Since we are one cup a day people the Keurig is perfect for us.  Here lately we have been filling up our own k-cups with his coffee – Brew n Fill Reusable K-Cups that is.

These Reusable K-Cups come in a set of three for around $10. They feature a stainless steel micro mesh screen on each cup that filters the coffee. They can be used again and again helping the environment every time.

My main issue with the Brew n Fill Reusable K-Cups was that one of them came broken (part of the lid was cracked and eventually broke off) and the others had warped lids. This made closes the k-cups a little more difficult than it should be. I was offered a half off discount to order new ones but I declined.

However, I am still able to use all of the cups and they do function just fine. Also, now and again, these Reusable K-Cups get a bit stuck in my Keurig. It just takes a little bit of wiggling to set it free.

For the price I would recommend Brew n Fill Reusable K-Cups. $10 for 3 Reusable K-Cups that can be easily cleaned and reused a number of times is worth a little hassle.

What is your favorite coffee brand?



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