Butterfly Waffles [Recipe]

8162650827 a139544667 n Butterfly Waffles [Recipe]Waffles. Cereal. Eggs. Pancakes. French Toast. There are only so many breakfast foods out there. There’s no need for boring. We all know how hard it can be to get kids to eat sometimes. With a little creativity you can turn a classic breakfast like waffles into something new and fun (while getting them to eat something healthy too).

I saw these guys in a Family Fun magazine and just had to give them a shot. My boys were just “taken away” by these fluttery waffles. All you need are some Eggos, berries, and a banana to make waffles that kids will sure have fun making and eating!
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8162650827 a139544667 Butterfly Waffles [Recipe]


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16 responses to Butterfly Waffles [Recipe]

  1. Susan Cooper

    What a fun idea. I am putting this in a file for a future breakfast with a good friend who would get the biggest kick out of this. :)
    Twitter: SusanPCooper

  2. JDaniel4's Mom

    This is adorable! What a healthy breakfast!

  3. I love waffles and bananas and strawberries so yeah I would love these…………
    Jo-Anne recently posted..Up Way To Early Today…………Meaning It Is Going To Be A Long Day………….My Profile

  4. OMG!!! These are so cute!! I can’t wait to make them! Pinning!! :-D
    Rebecca Rider recently posted..Review of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" Handwashing Stickers by Just Bathroom Signs!!My Profile

  5. Karen Glatt

    I looked around on your blog and found this interesting post. I love to make waffles! I like waffles so much that I have to have them once a week! This is a good way to get kids to eat their fruit. I like to have my fruit like you have in the picture! It is a healthy meal. Did you know I found a recipe for waffles called Red Velvet Waffles! They look so pretty, and you drizzle them with cream cheese frosting. I want to make these for Christmas morning!

    • Thanks. You sound like how I was when I was pregnant. I LOVED waffles when I was pregnant and ate them everyday almost. Feel free to make whatever shapes you want with the waffles and top with your most loved fruits. Red velvet waffles sound interesting. Are they made like regular waffles? They do sound great for christmas morning!
      Twitter: homejobsbymom

  6. Tara

    What a great/cool idea. This looks so wonderful & cute btw. Nice work!

  7. april

    This is such a cute idea! What a great way to get them excited about eating something healthy…I’ll be giving this one a try. Thanks!

  8. meegan whitford

    this is such a great idea my niece and nephews would love this! I will definitely be trying this out
    Twitter: 1975

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