Car Seat Tips: How to Protect Children When Travelling by Car

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travel tips with kids

Have you ever been tied so that you can’t move for hours? This is how children feel when they are travelling in a car, or at least, this is how children who travel long distances feel. The worst part is that you never know what will come out of the trip – it will either be a very nice family trip or a complete terror, especially if you give them a whole bunch of rules to comply with. The problem is that most parents feel torn between the desire of making their children feel comfortable in the car, and the rules they have set at the very beginning of the car trip.

It is a fact that motor vehicles are considered the biggest “killer” of children under the age of 14. And while it used to be impossible to survive some of these dramatic events, more than 60% of the accidents could have been prevented if the children were sitting in a suitable car seat.

The good news is that the proper use of age-appropriate carseats save lives. Such seats reduce fatal injuries when it comes to infants and older children. Here is a short list of things you can do to protect your children when travelling by car.

The golden rules when it comes to children’s car seats:

    • Children should always travel in a car seat with 5-point strap or a booster with a high back.
    • Never place your child’s car seat in the front seat of a car (especially if there is an active air-bag).
    • Put your child rear-facing as long as possible. A child is five times less secure facing forward.
    • All child car seats that are sold in specialized stores in Europe should be certified according to the European standards, and the ones produced in the United States – according to the American standards, which is usually marked with a sticker located on the car seat. So, always check that there is such a sticker when buying your child a car seat. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive seat – instead, choose the one that fits your vehicle and your needs, budget and requirements best.
    • Always make sure you have read the instructions of the child car seat, because there is often specific information about it or some installation instructions.
    • Make sure that the straps of the seat are sufficiently tight, and the child seat itself is firmly attached and fits well on the seat base. Also, always check if the car seat belt is positioned correctly.
    • When buying a child car seat, always ask if you can replace the seat if it doesn’t fit properly into your car or your child feels uncomfortable in it.
    • Be very cautious if you have chosen to buy a second-hand child car seat. Always keep in mind that you are not familiar with the history of the seat, which means that you can’t really know if it was in an accident or whether there are any invisible damages or cracks on it. Watch for missing labels, parts and instructions.
    • Drive carefully and always put on your own seat belt. These two steps are the easiest way possible to protect the people you are travelling with.
    • Remember not to modify the design of the car seat in anyway – do not add or remove anything from it and do not use it in a way that is not described in the instructions for use. Do not change the installation methods.

How long did you keep your kids rear facing?

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  1. In the winter, you should remove their coats before buckling them in. There have been accidents where the child has been ejected from the buckled seat because of their snow suit.

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