4 Social Media Blogging Mistakes That Could Be Ruining Your Stats

You’ll notice when searching for any advice you can find about blogging and social media, the same themes will begin to emerge. Actually, “theme” might be overstating it. The main thrust of every point is the same: You should use social media to help promote your blog, bring in traffic, and increase engagement. And… well, […]

4 Reasons Your House is Not Selling

When you’re looking to sell your home, it can be a pretty stressful time. There are a lot of different things to arrange and organize. You need to keep your home in good order, as well as think about sorting and packing up your things. What is most stressful of all is if it looks […]

Is It Time You Took A Different Career Path?

The average person spends between 37 and 40 hours at work every week. Add in the hours it takes to get to and from work, and you’re committing an awful lot of time to your job. Time flies, especially when you’re an adult with a hectic schedule. If you don’t enjoy your job, think about […]

Transform Your Blog Into A Great One With These Tips

Not too long ago you realized that there is a lot of potential in starting a blog. So, because you are an entrepreneur, you picked up the baton and ran like Usain Bolt for the finish line. Plus, the idea of working from home in your PJs was too good to turn down. After the […]