7 Simple Tips For Traveling With An Elderly Parent

Not only are your kids growing up fast, but good ole grandma and grandpa are growing old as well. And as they age, you’ll find yourself playing parent for both your kids and now for your own parents. You will be taking care of them as they did for you. When it comes to traveling […]

How to Prevent Stretch Marks Naturally + Giveaway

   One of the most common questions when pregnant is how to prevent stretch marks.  Using natural methods like those listed below, you may be able to reduce the number of stretch marks you end up with at the end of your pregnancy.   Keep Up a Healthy Diet One of the most important things […]

Ease Your Family’s Grief and Plan Your Own Funeral

Many people neglect to pre-plan their final arrangements. This leaves their mourning family and friends to scramble together last minute services. Planning ahead reduces the burden your loved ones will face when you pass away. Whether you are terminally-ill or aging, there is no time like the present to begin making preparations for your imminent […]

The Mommy Makeover: 5 Plastic Surgery Options Post-Baby

Childbirth is one of the great acts bestowed upon women. The act of carrying and ultimately delivering life into this world is one of the great acts that differentiates us as women. And it is for this reason that a mother will always be a mother. However, let’s be honest about it, pregnancy is not […]