Sugar Cookie Cups With Cream Cheese Filling

A few weeks ago my mother in law saw Sam’s Club was having a huge sale on their tubs of Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough. Big sale as in it was like 53 cents total. She went ahead and bought two tubs just for the heck of it. At that price, why not!?  We were meeting […]

DIY Valentines Day Crocodile Treat Bags

Easy Valentine’s Day Party Favors  Anyone can buy those cheap Valentines that you can pick up from any store. They come in a thousand designs and are a simple a grab and go sort of thing. No thought required. Just slap on a piece of candy or a pencil and the Valentines Day prep is over. It’s […]

Instilling The True Magic Of Christmas Into Our Children’s Hearts

How To Believe In The Magic Of Christmas Christmas is a favorite time of the year for most kids. It’s a time for family, presents and shiny and whimsical decorations. It’s not always like that for adults, because the feeling wears off after a couple of dozens of times. That’s why it’s up to the […]

Sharing The Holiday Joy With Fotor

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the holidays! It’s such a happy and festive time of year, and I LOVE it. The thing I love most about the holidays is all of the joyous feelings the season brings and quality family time. I just can’t help from spreading the holiday joy with everyone […]