6 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

School’s out for summer and vacation season has commenced. You and the family are about to head out for a much-needed trip away from the day-to-day. Before you pack up and go, there are some housekeeping items to take care of (outside the usual). These tips will help keep your home safe while everyone’s out […]

Flooring Options for Families with Children and Dogs

So you’re a parent with pets. You want flooring that will work well not only throughout your home for your pets but is durable and safe for children. Try these flooring options: Hardwood Flooring The durability of a hardwood floor comes from the aluminum oxide layers that makes them stronger.  One of my favorite hardwood floors […]

5 DIY Powder Room Pick Me Ups

Is your powder room in need of a pick me up? Although it may be one of the smallest rooms in the house, it can sometimes seem difficult to decorate. A few small changes are all you need to reap amazing results and to recharge the room’s design. Create an Accent Wall Beautiful glass tiles […]

A Simple Guide To A Dog Proof Backyard

As that photo makes abundantly clear, dogs are adorable. They brighten your life, your home, and become the first best friend that your children will ever have. You can teach them to do tricks, even rely on them for a touch of security, and… … and you absolutely cannot trust them. That’s meant in the […]