5 House Cleaning Tips And Tricks To Make Your House Shine

Cleaning is a tough job, especially for those who work from 9 to 5 and only have the weekend to properly rest and enjoy some free time. Cleaning after work during the week seems like an impossible task for most people – it is tiresome, time-consuming and frustrating. However, spending most of the weekend on […]

How To Clean Your Toilet The Right Way

How Clean Is Your Toilet? Having a dirty toilet at home is the perfect breeding ground for hundreds of diseases. For those that don’t have a habit of cleaning their toilets, it’s high time that you should begin. Every time someone uses a toilet, it accumulates dead skin cells, skin oil, and grease which float off […]

Get Ready For Christmas With Minted

Minted Art Gifts and Holiday Artwork So, Thanksgiving is over and you planned to do all of your Black Friday shopping today – but after stuffing yourself with yummy food yesterday you didn’t quite make it out the door or even off the couch last night or this morning? Yeah, that sounds an awful lot […]

The 5 Principles of Decluttering Your Home

We all collect things in a manner of speaking, intentionally or not! However, there comes a time when sorting the clutter requires a little strategic planning if it’s to be successful. 1# Go Bite-Sized. If you have a lot of de-cluttering to do break the task into bite-sized, achievable pieces. Work your way methodically through […]