Do You Really Need a College Degree?

We have all heard our parents cry to get a college education. For decades, a bachelor’s degree has been the gold standard for any new entrant to the workforce. However, in today’s world, is it really worth it to obtain this education standard? The Benefits of a College Degree The rhetoric surrounding the achievement of […]

4 Ways To Get Your Kids Excited About School

As a parent, it is a dream come true if you can get your child excited about school. However, with so many distractions out there to affect your kids’ concentration, sometimes this is easier said than done! It’s never going to be the case that they love all their subjects, but if you can get […]

2 Creative Ways to Enter the Healthcare Industry

How To Get Into The Medical Field Many people are interested in taking advantage of the growing demand for skilled healthcare practitioners but don’t want to be doctors or nurses. Not everyone is a fan of blood. If you are one of these people, fear not. There are SO many other ways that you can […]

10 Brain Building STEM Apps for Kids

    Ever since my oldest son started school we could tell what his favorite subjects were and which were most definitely not. When it came to reading, spelling, or anything in the English department we had to beg and fight our way through homework. On the other hand, with math and science, he would […]