How Your Child’s Oral Health Impacts His Quality of Life

Oral health is important, especially as we age. Establishing good dental habits early in life is crucial for better oral health over time. This can be difficult for parents of children that are resistant to taking care of their teeth, especially strong-willed kids that are determined to not brush and floss. They often think they […]

Buying Baby Products On A Budget

The list of things you need to buy when having a baby can seem intimidating but don’t worry, you can save on almost all of these items. Here are some cost-cutting tricks every parent-to-be on a budget needs to know. Host a Baby Shower A baby shower is a chance to get all your friends […]

How to Prepare Your Family for the Next Natural Disaster

  Hurricane Harvey was one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history, inundating Houston and surrounding areas with massive amounts of flood water, displacing thousands from their homes, and causing billions of dollars in damage. Due to the mass devastation, experts believe repair costs will far exceed $180 billion. But as bad as Harvey […]

7 Different Gymnastics Activities For Kids And Their Benefits

Gymnastics are one of the most unique and exciting activities that your child or teen can practice. It offers a huge range of benefits such as strength and coordination. Plus it helps burn off some of that extra energy they have! An introductory gymnastics class will give them a taste of all the different types […]