How to Make Your Child’s First Fishing Trip The BEST Experience Ever

It’s often fun to reflect on all of your firsts — your first bike ride, your first dance recital and your first big outdoor outing with your parents. As a parent, you look forward to sharing some of those traditions and firsts with your own children. Going fishing with your son or daughter is a […]

How To Get Your Husband Involved With The Baby #cipu_style #cipu_us

I received promotional items for this post. All opinions are my own. Are you struggling with how to get your husband involved with the baby? Many moms find this a tough challenge when their children are young. Babies can be a bit daunting to even the best husband, so we have some great tips for […]

4 Good Driving Habits To Teach Your Teen

When a child become old enough to drive, the experience can be bittersweet for parents. On one hand, they’re happy that their child has come of age and is finally sitting behind the wheel, ready to explore the world. I know I am looking forward to sending my son on some of my errands. But […]

4 Ways To Avoid The Marriage Rut Kids Cause

As a parent, nothing is more important than your children. That’s how it should be! The moment you become a parent, you have a responsibility to give your kids everything they need. Your love should be unselfish and pure. Even so, today we’re going to look at one of the few times you should be […]