5 Tips for Determining if Your Child is Sick or Faking It

  It is understandable for every mother to want to protect and take care of their children, especially if they have any reason to believe that a child is sick. However, it is important to develop a good sense of what is real and what is fake so that each child is able to acquire […]

Keeping Kids Safe in Winter Weather

As the winter approaches, parents face new worries when it comes to keeping their children safe and healthy. The wintertime can be a magical season that brings on a whole new set of fun for kids. Children love to play in the snow, make snowmen, go skiing or sledding, and try their hand at ice […]

6 Easy Steps for Getting Your Kids to Eat (+ 5 Kid-Friendly Recipes!)

Anyone else feel like mealtimes are losing battles at your house? Some days it requires all the patience I have, leaving what feels like none for the rest of the day. My one-year-old thinks it’s fun to throw food on the ground and he literally gags to the point of throwing up if he doesn’t […]

The Fine Line Between Coaching and Bullying

In the world of youth sports, there is a fine line that exists between effective coaching and bullying. To determine the difference between coaching and bullying, let’s break down what defines good and what constitutes excessive coaching. What is Good Coaching? A good coach understands the physical limitations of the kids he or she is […]