Preparing Your Older Child For a New Sibling

Preparing For Another Child Telling your older child your pregnant can be a daunting task. Say it the wrong way and all hell can break loose but say it the right way and they will be anxiously counting down the days. Sharing the Good News Tell your older child that you are are going to have […]

Dealing with Childhood Depression

Did you know that as many as 1 in 33 children suffer from depression? As teenagers, that number jumps to as high as 1 in 8! The idea that our children are depressed can be scary and even intimidating. It’s hard enough to handle depression as an adult, but understanding depression in your child can […]

How Supermoms Can Defeat Daily Challenges

How Working Moms Balance Life Ambitious working moms have plenty of reasons to be stressed, but that shouldn’t stop you from achieving a Zen lifestyle. It’s not always easy to gracefully handle challenges and balance career and family. Here are a few solutions to combat the common stressors that affect your day to day. Stressor: […]

Nobody Is Perfect, Even Parents Make Mistakes

Common Mistakes Parents Today Make Although our children may put us on a pedestal, parents are only human and we sometimes make more than our fair share of mistakes. Nobody enjoys admitting to these issues but it can be healthy to take a look at where we went wrong, and how we can fix it. […]