Choose the Best Smartphone for Your Preteen or Teenager

In this digital age, it is more than likely your preteen or teenager wants a smartphone. But as a responsible parent, you want to pick the right kind of phone based on his or her age and maturity level. Here are a few options to consider when buying a smartphone for your preteen or teenager: […]

How to Be a Better Grandparent

  In America, it’s common for elderly people to use services such as caregiving, physical therapy, and even activities like Zumba. They can enjoy their well-deserved retirement anywhere. However, some of these elders don’t actually prefer such service and sometimes they would rather help out at home and raise their grandchildren. Some elders, even though […]

Keep Your Child Healthy: Be a Germ Warrior

Germs are quite literally everywhere. They are indoors and outdoors and already on us and in us. These tiny microorganisms are mostly non-threatening to us.  On the other hand, there are many types of germs and some can lead to illness. Children can be susceptible to germs simply due to their habit to touch and […]

7 Must Haves For A Pool Day With Kids

Most kids beg their parents for a pool day AT LEAST once a week during the summer. Who can blame them? It’s hot and they are out of school, what’s better than spending the day at the pool splashing around. Of course like any outing with kids a day trip like this requires some gear. […]