Should Parents Use Uber For Their Children?

Imagine a scenario where you need to get your child somewhere, but are physically incapable of driving them yourself. You’re probably running a million different alternatives through your mind. Do you call your parents, reach out to friends, or tell your child they can’t go? If all else fails, you can actually just call an […]

Childbirth: Separating Fact From Fiction

Anyone who has experienced childbirth will know that it is an experience with no match. We are not just talking about the pain level here, although that is obviously something unlike anything else. Childbirth as a whole experience is so unique, and yet so often it is completely misunderstood by those involved. There are so […]

Are Cats Dangerous for Small Children?

If you find yourself asking “Are cats dangerous for small children?” you are probably worried that your pet and your kid would end up hurting each other. You should not be excessively anxious since these two can coexist and even have a lot of fun in each other’s company. Before you get too excited though, […]

Flooring Options for Families with Children and Dogs

So you’re a parent with pets. You want flooring that will work well not only throughout your home for your pets but is durable and safe for children. Try these flooring options: Hardwood Flooring The durability of a hardwood floor comes from the aluminum oxide layers that makes them stronger.  One of my favorite hardwood floors […]