Choose the Best Smartphone for Your Preteen or Teenager

In this digital age, it is more than likely your preteen or teenager wants a smartphone. But as a responsible parent, you want to pick the right kind of phone based on his or her age and maturity level. Here are a few options to consider when buying a smartphone for your preteen or teenager: […]

How to Boost Your Daughter’s Confidence for Prom Night

Girls are up against a lot of pressure these days. Not only are the media spreading these unattainable and unrealistic images of what the ‘perfect woman’ should look like but unfortunately, kids in schools these days aren’t helping. If your daughter struggles with confidence it’s good to know she is not alone and there are […]

Keeping Your Kids Safe on WhatsApp

Many parents are concerned about their teenagers and their addiction to WhatsApp. A few years ago we saw Facebook taking control of the lives of the youth (we inclusive), and as technology continues to advance we will continue to see newer social media apps taking over. WhatsApp is one of the many apps that youngsters […]

The Fine Line Between Coaching and Bullying

In the world of youth sports, there is a fine line that exists between effective coaching and bullying. To determine the difference between coaching and bullying, let’s break down what defines good and what constitutes excessive coaching. What is Good Coaching? A good coach understands the physical limitations of the kids he or she is […]