Back to School Deals with ShopAtHome and Sears

In only two weeks my boys will be going back to school. The summer has just flown by and now we are in count down mode. Well, at least I am. I’m busy getting the kids back on a normal sleep schedule and planning my future work schedule. Hair cuts and the dentist are also […]

How to Fit a Workout into Your Busy Schedule

For most moms, finding balance between work and family life can be difficult enough, let alone trying to find time to fit a healthy workout in. While getting out of the house to go to the gym, a yoga studio or spin class is a great option, it can be difficult for many moms to […]

6 Tips on How Parents Can Help Keep Teens Safe on Social Media

If you parent a teen, you likely know that he or she loves connecting with friends on social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all popular websites that teens like to frequent. Naturally, parents will have some concerns about their teen’s safety online since cyber bullying, Internet predators and hackers are a growing problem. Set […]

My Daughter is Sexting – Now What?

“I just found out my daughter has been sexting,” cried my friend over the phone. It was late and I was preparing a breakfast casserole for the next morning when I got the call. My friend was distraught and at her wit’s end. Her 15 year old daughter had been sexting her boyfriend. Earlier that […]