The Fine Line Between Coaching and Bullying

In the world of youth sports, there is a fine line that exists between effective coaching and bullying. To determine the difference between coaching and bullying, let’s break down what defines good and what constitutes excessive coaching. What is Good Coaching? A good coach understands the physical limitations of the kids he or she is […]

10 Dangers of DIY Tattoos That Teens Should Know About

Perhaps you’ve always thought about a small tattoo on your hip or an inspirational saying on your wrist, but you’re just not able to commit for life. Whether you’re just looking for something quick or you aren’t looking to spend tons of money, DIY tattoos – whether via kit or not – are a potentially […]

How to Fit a Workout into Your Busy Schedule

For most moms, finding balance between work and family life can be difficult enough, let alone trying to find time to fit a healthy workout in. While getting out of the house to go to the gym, a yoga studio or spin class is a great option, it can be difficult for many moms to […]

6 Tips on How Parents Can Help Keep Teens Safe on Social Media

If you parent a teen, you likely know that he or she loves connecting with friends on social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all popular websites that teens like to frequent. Naturally, parents will have some concerns about their teen’s safety online since cyber bullying, Internet predators and hackers are a growing problem. Set […]