How to Make Creme Brulee

The first time I tried Creme Brulee I was on a cruise. This was our first cruise ever and we had no idea what to expect. We loved everything especially the experience of going to a fancy dining room every night. The service was top notch as was the food and oh so yummy desserts. […]

Caramel DeLites Mini Pies

It’s spring time and that means the Girl Scouts are camping out at every store entrance enticing you to buy their delicious cookies. I’ve always been a Caramel deLites fan myself. These days they call them Samoas but they are exactly the same thing, just a different name. I can literally eat a box of […]

Homemade Blueberry Veggie Applesauce Recipe

When my youngest son was a baby the whole food pouch craze was just starting. We now love them even more with all the different varieties that are out there. Best part is that they are no longer just for babies and are oh so convenient. We are big fans of the typical GoGo squeeZ […]

Caramel Pecan Pie Bars Recipe

I’ve been in a pecan mood here lately with all the talk of Collin Street Bakery‘s Deep Dish Pecan Pie last week and my Pecan Cinnamon Roll Bites I made the other week. It has had me hankering for pecan pie and having an abundance of pecans on hand I am in luck. While I don’t have […]