Quick Turkey Avocado Waffle Melt

One of my favorite sandwiches is a melt. Mine are usually filled with turkey or ham, avocado, mayonnaise, tomato and of course cheese. Typically, I cook these types of sandwiches on my electric griddle, but when I am short for time I use my waffle iron. Yes, you heard me correct – WAFFLE IRON. It […]

Super Easy Apple Butter Recipe

Habits that we have as adults often started in our childhood. This includes the good, the bad, the ugly, even our eating habits. The more children are exposed to different kinds of foods when they are young, the more likely their palate will be broad as adults. A great example is my husband. His mother […]

6 Easy Steps for Getting Your Kids to Eat (+ 5 Kid-Friendly Recipes!)

Anyone else feel like mealtimes are losing battles at your house? Some days it requires all the patience I have, leaving what feels like none for the rest of the day. My one-year-old thinks it’s fun to throw food on the ground and he literally gags to the point of throwing up if he doesn’t […]

Homemade Watermelon Fruit Roll-Ups

Fruit is one of those foods I rarely have to force my children to eat. Unlike vegetables, they love many and quite a variety of different kinds of fruit. Of course, they have their quirks about them too. Browning fruit is a no go (thank you lemon lime soda!). If you are slicing apples, no […]