How to Make Bedtime Easier for Kids: Snuggle Stars Constellation Nightlight Review & Giveaway

Bedtime is probably the least favorite time of day for kids. Who wants to go to bed when you can be bouncing off the walls instead? Plus, children often want to be in contact with people and their room is often a lonely, dark place. Krystle Krystle Cook – the creator of Home Jobs by MOM […]

The Juppy Baby Walker Momentum [Review & Giveaway]

It’s so exciting when your little ones start walking, isn’t? They almost seem like they are walking on egg shells or toddling like a penguin. It’s adorable. Well, right before they start walking infants often can walk with assistance by holding your hands or cruising around the couch. Krystle Krystle Cook – the creator of Home […]

Are Your Kids Always Losing Their Stuff? Lovable Labels Can Help! [Review & Giveaway]

  I’m sure you have noticed how much stuff kids accumulate. From birth on you hear (or notice) things like. Mom I need this. Mom I want that. But so and so has that. Having so many things to keep track of it is often nice to have things labeled. Krystle Krystle Cook – the creator of […]

Dragon Slayer Child Costume [Review]

Guess what my six year old decided to be for Halloween!? A knight. It is purely coincidental that he picked the same type of costume I chose for his two year old brother nearly six months ago. So now instead of having one knight I will have one Knight of the Dragon and one Dragon […]