Make Your Event Less Eventful and Use a Caterer

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Whether you are hosting a budget baby shower, themed party, or throwing the biggest bash of the century your event will require food. Yes, it is cheaper to make your own party food and snacks but then you run the risk of things going awry.

After all, most likely you aren’t a professional chef. If this event is a really important to you (like a wedding or 50th wedding anniversary), you may want to consider using a caterer. Here are some benefits and thoughts of choosing a caterer for your event.

Less Stress

Hosting and planning any event is stressful. I often find the day of to be the most hectic. Even when just hosting a birthday party for my sons I am often stressing big time. I’m running around making sure all of the decorations are where they are supposed to be while trying to cook and get food together at the same time.

I can imagine the stress is multiplied ten fold when throwing a big event like a wedding. A caterer is definitely the way to go in this situation. The bride and groom can select their appetizers, meal choices, and just dance away into the night listening to DJ Billman. No real prep work is needed which equals less stress on an already stressful day.

Yes, It’s More Expensive but Worth It

Of course using a caterer is going to cost money. Probably a decent amount but what you save in time and stress can often be worth it.

Ever wonder why parents shell out a ton of money of those kiddie birthday places? Because it’s SO much easier than doing everything yourself especially if there are going to be a ton of kids. It’s takes time to bake, make decorations if you’re the crafty type – often way more than you expected.

People are often willing to pay for piece of mind and I totally know why having two young boys duking it out in my house. Letting the catering people deal with all the food while you do other things or even heaven forbid socialize at the party, is priceless!

Do Your Research

If you are going to use a caterer I suggest your do your research and not just pick any ole mom and pop gig out of the yellow pages. Make sure the caterer you choose has a good reputation. You don’t want to run the risk of your guests getting awful tasting food or even worse, food poisoning.

Ask your friends and family for recommendations and even take a look at Angie’s List. You can even just google your location plus catering (like catering, Boca Raton) and see what pops up. Even add in the word review to find even more information.

Doing these things just may help you from making a huge mistake. After all catered food isn’t like the amazing food catered by Boca Pointe.

Next time you have the honor of hosting a big event for your family or friends give catering a thought. You just may be glad you did!

What was the best catered meal you have had?


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