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CHAINMAIL scrubber

I had never owned a cast iron pan till my grandfather moved in with us. I just never understood the need for one until I came across a great way to cook steaks indoors. This method of cooking steaks is all about the cast iron pan and the oven (my husband always kills our outdoor grills anyway). The steaks turnout delicious, probably better than steaks my husband grills. He hasn’t quite learned the art of grilling yet. Anyway, being a cast iron novice I learned a few things while cooking and attempting to clean my cast iron pan over the past month or so.

No Soap

Apparently, cast iron and soap is a no go together. I had no idea. So of course I tried cleaning it with soap and water. I even think I put in the dishwasher a time or two. And even soaked it. Oops.

Cast Iron Rusts

Yes, I know metals rust but it just never occurred to me to really dry my cast iron pan. I’m not a hand dryer kind of person. I tend to let things air dry or sit in the dishwasher for a while. Big mistake with cast iron.

Scrape Right Away

cast iron

Almost every time I’ve cooked these steaks I’ve let the bits of meat and gunk just stay on the pan till it cools. This makes everything extra hard to remove. I should of been scraping away while the pan was still hot. Makes sense. Instead burnt pieces were always there every time I cooked again. Yuck!

Cast Iron Needs to Be Seasoned

Probably my biggest mistake was not starting with a seasoned pan. Who knows how long my grandfather has had that pan and the last time it was seasoned. I probably should have asked.chainmail scrubberWell, into order to get back to a somewhat decent cast iron pan I had to get as much of the burnt charcoal like debris off. This was no easy taste. I tried several methods. Just plain old scrubbing with my Cast Iron Chainmail Scrubber, water, and evil soap (it was already messed up, right?). Nope still nasty. I scrubbed with cream of tartar and vinegar. Still gunky. Someone told me to try a slices of a raw potato and baking soda and scrub some more. Just couldn’t get there. I scrubbed so much I gave one of my fingers a blister. All of these methods helped some but didn’t fully get off everything. cast iron scrubber The best way I found to clean off a badly unseasoned burnt on charcoal like stuff was the oven. Yes, the oven. I put the cast iron pan in the oven and put it on self cleaning mode. Like magic no more raised charcoal bits on the pan for me!

After the oven, I went ahead and used my Cast Iron Chainmail Scrubber again to get off any extra things. By the way, if my pan had been seasoned properly and I knew what I was doing this Cast Iron Chainmail Scrubber would of been perfect for cleaning my pan. It’s dishwasher safe, won’t fall apart like the so many sponges I tried, and the best part it doesn’t scratch up your pans (just don’t use it on non-stick pans).

I love that I can use this scrubber without any soap no residue is left behind and I don’t have to stick my hands in chemicals I may be allergic to. So much greener! This Cast Iron Chainmail Scrubber is made of stainless steel so pretty much everyone is safe from an allergic reaction.

After my cast iron pan was debris free I tried to clean off any rust and went ahead and seasoned it will vegetable oil. I did this around the entire pan and then placed it in the oven upside down for an hour at 350 degrees F. Just in case I put a baking sheet with a silicone mat underneath to catch any extra oil. I let it cool in the oven and now it looks like this. clean cast iron

Pretty awesome, right? My cast iron pan looks SO much better now that I have my Cast Iron Chainmail Scrubber and have learned some do’s and don’ts of cast iron. I would highly recommend this cast iron scrubber. It’s also great on glass or any surface that isn’t non-stick!

What’s your favorite thing to cook in cast iron?


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I really needed this info was only looking at a cast iron frypan that is in need of cleaning on the weekend and was wondering the best way to clean it

  2. This is fantastic. I have wanted a cast iron pan for breakfasts (my grandfather and I always used them on over night hunting trips) and for a grilling alternative when it’s either too hot or too cold outside. The care and seasoning seemed like a lot of work, but I may try it with these tips. Thank you!

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