Collin Street Bakery Deep Dish Pecan Pie Review

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pecan pie tin

Most of my life I have never really been a pie person. Not sure why but probably because I wasn’t really introduced to them as a child. I saw pies on dessert menus and such but I was never really dying to buy one. Especially a pecan pie. Out of all the pies it probably looks the least appetizing. It’s just brown, gooey, and I thought there was no way I could like that despite liking pecans. Boy, was I wrong!!

The first pecan pie I have ever tried was from Collin Street Bakery. It was SO delicious! I really mean it. Like I almost ate the whole pie myself it was THAT good.
pecan pie
Their Deep Dish Pecan Pie opened up my eyes and made me think back to the saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. While pecan pies aren’t all pretty with fondant flowers and ruffles there is no escaping its wonderful taste.

Collin Street Bakery’s Deep Dish Pecan Pie is made in the heart of Texas (Go Spurs!) with native pecans and a caramel flavored custard filling. It’s SO good!! Being a pecan pie newbie it kind of reminded me of toffee which I love. It stole my heart right there. I ate my deep dish pecan pie slices heated with vanilla ice cream. Mmmm. It was perfect!!

You can order Collin Street Bakery’s Deep Dish Pecan Pie online and ship it anywhere in the United States. Trust me it will be well worth it!! When you receive your pie it will come in a nice, decorative tin too making it a great gift as well. You won’t be disappointed!

Are you a pie person?


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  1. I love love love pecan pie! But talk about a calorie laden evil delight. Lol. Definitely a once or twice a year treat. And oh my, not the whole pie! 🙂

    • LOL it was SO good! I couldn’t help myself Susan. How many calories do you think is in one piece of pecan pie?

  2. This Deep Dish Pecan Pie looks delicious but for sure with a lot of calories.

    Like Susan, it can treat once or twice in a year not more, unfortunately. But its mouth watering.

  3. Carl Stringfellow says:

    This is the most bestest Pecan pie I’ve been able to find anywhere!!
    I consider myself a connoisseur! I almost ate the whole thing in a couple of hours cause I just kept going back for another small peice


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