CoreThird Portable Charger Review

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Today everywhere you go someone has some kind of electronic device they are fiddling around with. In my family this is usually a cell phone or tablet. These devices only last so long before their battery is practically dead. It’s funny when you actually NEED these devices to work that’s when they are almost dead. Figures.

Now we carry a CoreThird portable charger out with us anytime we know we might be in need of some extra battery life. This portable charger is very compact, close to the size of a lipstick. It has a rubberized feel and has a notch at one end where you could connect it to a lanyard or something for easy portability.

The CoreThird Portable Charger can charge ANYTHING that can charge by USB. This means phones, tablets, mp3 players, and even handheld game consoles. It even comes with a USB to micro cord just in case you don’t have one.

I tested out this portable charger on my iPhone 6. In one hour my phone charged from 74% to 99%. The kicker is I was playing music videos on YouTube the WHOLE TIME!! That’s a feat!! An impressive one!!!

The makers of the CoreThird external power bank say their portable charger:

Adds an extra 150% battery life to an iPhone 6, close to 100% to a Samsung S5, and over 100% to most other phones and devices. 3,000mAH of extra battery juice for your device


The CoreThird Portable Charger is great! Perfect for when the kids complain “it’s about to die” or when you’ve popped a tire in the middle of nowhere and your phone is dead. I can just throw in my purse or shove it in my pocket and know I’m prepared for whatever our devices throw at us. Compact, efficient – Perfect! It’s also a perfect price at only around $10 you can get all the power that other companies charge a lot more for.


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