How to Turn a Spare Room into a Nursery

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If you have a child on the way, you have a million questions, a million things to do before the baby comes. One of those things is preparing a room for your little bundle of joy. Now, you can hire a professional decorator and pay a lot of money; or, if you have some creativity in you with just a pinch of hard work thrown in, you can do this task yourself.

Home additions are a brilliant way to stay in the home you love even if it has become too small for your needs. If you do not have a spare room, you can simply add one to your house. There are numerous companies which specialize in room additions, such as Denver Remodel Group. No matter if it was a spare room, or you have added it to your house specifically for this purpose, you now have a room which you want to turn into your newborn’s nursery. Here are some steps you need to take to get the job done.

Empty the Room

If there’s anything in the room, take it out of the room. Your baby will need everything to be new and fresh. So, any old furniture, toys, and carpets need to go. If you can put them elsewhere in your home, that’s great; if not, find a way to sell them or possibly donate them.

Don’t Forget The Flooring

Once you’ve stripped the room to the bare bones, you can start recreating it. Start from the bottom up. The first thing you want to do is choose the best floor option. The best option here is a wall-to-wall carpet. These carpets are soft, so your steps will be muffled and not wake the baby. Furthermore, it is impossible to slip on it, unlike with hardwood floors or tiles. Carpets have the additional benefit of keeping the warmth in the winter better.

Apply Fresh Paint

The new floor is best complemented with a new paint job. If you don’t know the gender of you baby, you can pick some neutral color, like beige or green. Green has the added benefit of having a calming effect on humans. Once you have chosen the color, you can get creative. If you want to pick a theme for the nursery, the walls are your canvas. You can apply wall stickers, or paint something on the walls.

Buy New Nursery Furniture

You’ve done the basics; you have an empty room now. It’s time to pick your furniture. When doing this, you need to consider three things – storage, changing, sleeping.

When it comes to storage, you need a lot of clothes and bedding for your baby, as well as a number of disposable necessities, such as diapers, baby wipes, ointments, and pacifiers. Make sure all of these things are in this room to be at an arm’s reach when you need them.

A changing table is another essential piece of furniture. There are numerous designs on the market to choose from. Perhaps the most useful are the ones which come with an in-built waste bin. You will need a waste bin, and this design conserves space.

Finally, the crib; there are numerous guidelines for choosing the right crib for a newborn, from the spacing of the grilles to the softness of the mattress. You can ask the experts at the store which option is the best. Just make sure you assemble it in the nursery since they are usually fairly big and most likely won’t fit through the door.

Deck It Out With Baby Gear

You have done all the major work in preparing the room for your newborn. What’s left is to pick the little odds and ends to fill the room. The most important among these are baby monitors. They will ensure that you can sleep safely in your room, knowing that you will hear the instant you baby wakes up.

Another important thing to consider is the lighting. The best advice is to install lights where you can choose the amount of light. Finally, newborn toys, such as rattles and teddy bears are the perfect detail to complete the room.

Clean It Thoroughly

Once you have finished your little DIY project, the most important thing is to clean everything thoroughly, ridding the room of potential allergens, to make sure that your baby’s first day at home is as enjoyable as it can be.

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