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When a family member especially one of my children gets sick it can sometimes be difficult coordinating everything to get them to the doctor. Work schedules and other appointments often throw a wrench into an already unpleasant situation.

Other times, we aren’t always sure if an in person appointment is necessary but would still like to know a medical professionals thoughts about our predicament. Usually in this case our pediatrician’s office staff tells us a nurse will call us back which doesn’t always happen quickly. It’s annoying!

It would be nice to get quick medical advise from a real doctor. Is there such a thing? I often wait FOREVER at doctors offices. I had an appointment last week where I didn’t even see the doctor till I had already been there for two hours. Ugh.

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Thankfully, I just experienced fast, accessible service from a doctor with Doctor On Demand. Doctor On Demand allows you to take part in a virtual video visit via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. With this innovated service you will get top notch medical advise from leading board certified physicians, lactation consultants, and psychologists in the country not some rinky dink back alley doctor. And they can even prescribe you prescriptions if need be.

Typically Doctor On Demand deals with minor aliments. If you have major health problems please continue to see your primary doctor or go to the nearest hospital. Doctor On Demand is suitable for things like:

  • Cold and Flu
  • Measles
  • Sore Throat
  • Allergies
  • Skin Issues/Rashes
  • Diarrhea and Vomiting
  • UTIs
  • Sports Injuries
  • Eye Conditions

I was so happy to try out Doctor On Demand. Starting after Valentines Day my son developed an itchy rash that was mainly on his face and neck but was also on some other parts of his body. We gave it a day and it got worse. Worse as in his face was starting to swell so off to the doctor we went.

After looking over my son the doctor concluded it was probably an allergic reaction to milk. I found this a bit odd considering milk is the drink he’s had the most in his life with no previous issues. Apparently you can just become allergic to things you always eat or drink. I still wasn’t really buying it so we have an appointment with allergist and I also got a second opinion from Doctor On Demand.

Signing up with Doctor On Demand was easy. I simply downloaded the app on my iPhone, gave some personal information, listed the reason for the appointment and symptoms, and scheduled my appointment for the next day. It was SO easy to do!

I loved that if I have wanted I could of scheduled an appointment right that second. Appointment times are available throughout the day in 15 minute increments (even at night). No more waiting for a doctor! AMAZING.

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As with any doctor it is not free but thankfully very affordable for sound medical advice. It costs $40 for a 15 minute medical and pediatric appointment and $50 for a 25 minute psychologist session. BUT you’re first appointment can be free with the coupon code JOBS15!

Doctor On Demand  doesn’t require any insurance but if your health plan has a relationship with them they will gladly submit a claim on your behalf. For a some people it can be more cost effective to use Doctor On Demand rather that paying an office copay!

I found Doctor On Demand very useful. I didn’t have to drive somewhere just to wait hours to see someone and the service was very efficient. The Doctor On Demand gave us another perspective as to what might be going on with my son. She viewed his rash and came up with another diagnosis. Scabies!

Now I’m not convinced of this either as his brother shows no signs of anything and they often end up in the same bed at night. Although this started right after staying in a hotel so food for thought. Plus to me, based on my internet research his rash doesn’t resemble scabies. BUT it’s another avenue we can consider if allergy testing is a bust.

I loved the convenience of Doctor On Demand . Love, LOVE, LOVE it! I would recommend it to anyone who needs medical advice without the hassle.

What do you think of a virtual doctor’s appointment?


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