How to Dress Your Home ‘Happy’ This Summer (Or Anytime You Feel Like Doing It)

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They say your home is your castle, and it is hardly possible to argue. It’s our home where we usually feel especially relaxed and secure. It’s our home we dream about when feeling tired by the end of the long working day. It’s our home where we’d like to be when feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s our home we are always happy to get back to after a journey.

Wonder why am I talking about all this home thing? Well, it’s time to reveal the truth. In this article, I’d love to inspire you to take care of your home slightly more than you do now. To be more specific, my plan is to motivate you to dress your home ‘happy’ this summer. Or, as the title suggests, anytime you feel like doing it. What are the benefits? At the very least, your home will look twice as good as it is now. At best, however, you’ll also feel happy about making renovations to your ‘castle’.

So let’s see what simple ideas you can use to make your home feel especially fresh, cozy, inviting, and summer-like. Ready to learn?

Change Curtains or Remove Them Completely

Summertime is sunlight time. It’s been scientifically proven that our emotional well-being depends on the among of the sun we’re exposed to. No wonder why it’s getting increasingly hard to fight mood swings or even depression during the bleak winter months.

The good news is that summer has finally arrived, and you should welcome to your home as much sunlight as possible. What is the best way to do this? Replace your dark curtains with lighter ones or remove them all.

Consider Painting Your Walls

This one is for the bravest souls. Let’s face it: not everyone is ready to repaint the walls into a new color just because it’s summer out there. However, if you’ve made it to this article, then you’re serious about making some changes. So why not take it one step further than the majority of people? Yes, it’s painting your walls I am talking about. Choose light and bright colors (or colors trending this year) and I promise you that the entire mood of your home will improve significantly.

Personally, I like to use pops of bright colors in my decor when I’m not up to painting a whole room. Currently, my color of choice is yellow. Carefully placed yellow decor like throw pillows, an umbrella, flowers, and a snazzy Gelpro Comfort Mat brighten up the place.

I love my Gelpro Comfort Mat. It’s in a lattice pattern and has the perfect color name ‘sunny day’. It sure does brighten my day not having to have sore feet while I stand in the kitchen. They are SO comfortable! Not to mention Gelpro offers these at great prices (for a quality product) in many styles and designs. You can’t go wrong!

Decorate Your Home With Flowers

One of the most obvious things to do, I know. Nonetheless, the majority of people are way too busy to even care about it, not even to mention going to a flower show and buying some flowers for their homes. Don’t be like these people, be better.

After all, there is no better time than summer or spring for incorporating some nice new habits into your life. There are so many flowers to choose from, and it’s believed that all species have their own meaning. Check out which flower fits your goals and temper better than others and make them a part of your home decor. Not only will you place will look better, but you will also you’ll get a chance to smell the outdoors right inside your home.

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Amy Williams is a journalist and mother in Southern California.

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