Earn Extra Cash from Home: Try Paid Surveys from What Do You Think


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Earning extra cash from home may be easier than you thing. With paid surveys at home from What Do You Think, anyone can start making extra spending money in their free time with very little effort.

What Do You Think partners with several companies that want your opinions for their market research. This information is then analyzed by company advertisers and used when promoting some of your favourite brands. Your opinion helps shape the way these companies and researchers think about their market.

This could be one of the easiest ways to make money online, and it doesn’t require a lot of concentration. Simply fill in your answers casually while you watch television or quickly fill several out in your free time. For just five minutes worth of work, you could earn a dollar. Taking longer surveys earns you more cash.

In addition to cash payments directly to your bank account, What Do You Think offers several annual sweepstakes to win prizes, such as holidays or even more cash. Each paid survey will earn you a point.

Rewards are also available for those who participate in their shopping program. These cashback rewards help you save money on your favourite products. Combined with the extra cash from surveys, you could earn several items that you have always fancied, but couldn’t afford. Start making money and earning rewards right away with What Do You Think.


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  1. Jeri says

    I’ve thought about looking into taking surveys more than a few times, but have yet to give it a real go. Thanks for the links.
    Twitter: JeriWB.com

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