Energems: Great Tasting Energy Candy Review

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Being a parent and can leave you being tired. A LOT. From the beginning they are waking up every 2-3 hours. You see a slight glimmer of hope when they actually start sleeping through the night but then something new begins. They begin the process of siphoning your energy in new ways.

The more kids you have around the less energy adults tend to have. Have you noticed that? The bouncing off the walls, constant bickering with each other, smart mouths, and disobeying can leave anyone feeling stressed and drained. Not to mention the staying up late due to illnesses or getting up early because of an early sport practice. There are just countless things that leave mommy and daddy needing a little help in the energy department (and of course we wouldn’t have it any other way!).

I have never been a big fan of energy drinks. Not sure why. Maybe it’s because everyone knows you’re beat if your packing a Monster in your hand or shooting a 5 Hour Energy. Or because you hear awful stories of some poor kid’s heart giving out.

Plus I’m not a fan of drinking things that don’t particularly taste good. Probably why I will never be an alcoholic like my mother was. Even with medicine I much rather take a pill than a liquid. Way less chance of something tasting bad.
With Energems you can choose to play into the illusion that you’re actually awake and sneakily pop a candy in your mouth. They are energy candies that contain real chocolate and of course the real energy making stuff like B Vitamins, caffeine and a proprietary energy blend. They just look like a hard shell chocolate candy so I would keep them away from children that are big candy fiends and think anything candy is for them. Probably a good idea just to keep them at work or something – just to be safe.

Energems taste surprisingly good. The plain chocolate ones really remind me of M&M’s. They have a very slight after taste but it’s so minimal it doesn’t bother me. The mint (Ande’s like) and peanut butter (not as  peanut buttery as Reece’s though) ones taste just as they should as well and also provide that oomph that you need.

Just three Energems equal one cup of coffee. So you can pop them in real quick and you can almost instantly feel your energy level start to rise. Just beware taking them close to bedtime. That’s a bad mistake. I did that (well, like 3 or more hours before) and I tossed all night. My brain just wouldn’t shut off.

I just suggest if you are eating a box of Energems during a day that you consume them WAY before even thinking about sleep. Just the morning or afternoon maybe because they pack a punch in the energy department.

Have you ever taken an energy supplement? Do you have a favorite?

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  1. Susan Cooper says:

    They are coming up with so many “pick me ups”. Do you get that “crash” like other energy supplements? 🙂

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