Etherno Travel Dog Bowl Review

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Having dogs means you have to take them on walks and give them regular pet care maintenance. Well, it should mean that. Not everyone abides by my thoughts though. Dogs love exploring and socializing with other people, dogs, and environments. It’s often the highlight of their day. 

Just yesterday I went on a walk with my friend and her dog. Chika was so excited to see a neighborhood she’d never seen before. We went up and down streets and we knew she was done when she saw a shady spot in a neighbors yard and just laid down. She had he fill!

We knew she was SO thirsty though. She was panting hard, just salivating from her mouth. We pumped her full of water as soon as we got home! What would of been even smarter was to bring my Etherno Travel Dog Bowl with us. I wasn’t thinking!

The Etherno Travel Dog is a really cool travel dog bowl. It collapses completely flat so it takes up no space at all. If you had decent size pockets you could fit this bowl in there! travel dog bowl

It’s FDA approved and completely safe for dog use. Filled up this bowl can hold 500ml of water. Just the perfect amount to get them through a long walk. Plus if they need more you can always refill it.

The Etherno Travel Dog is so lightweight that even when I am carrying it doesn’t feel like it. My favorite part is that it can fit in my PullyPup dog leash pouch. I love being hands free!


The Etherno Travel Dog is great for walks or travel. You can even put food in there instead of water when need be. When your dog drools and gets food all over this bowl you can pop it in the dishwasher with no worries. It’ll come out shining new. I would highly recommend this travel dog bowl to any dog owner. It’s great!

Do you stop and give your dog a drink on long walks?


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  1. that collapsible bowl is a fantastic idea! Thx so much for sharing!

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