Factors to Think About When Choosing Moving Boxes

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There are so many factors to think about when choosing storage containers for moving or around the house. Making a moving checklist can help you determine your priorities. Are the items valuable (locking drawers may give an extra sense of security)? Are they breakable? Do you require easy access to them? I’ve had to consider these things during my many moves as well as for home storage after the fact.


The size of the container should always be taken into consideration. You don’t want something too large that makes it impossible to move or causes the contents to shift around too much. Shifting leads to damage.

Choosing a storage container that is perfectly sized is an important part of the selection process. Having boxes that will stack-on each other can be helpful for moving trucks as well as home storage. It makes the most of limited space.


Making sure your storage container can stand up to a beating is important. The stronger your storage container is the less likely it will get squished in transit or by a heavier box placed on top of it. No one wants to shell out more money for an item that has gotten damaged because of a weak box. Some research may be required to find a storage container that will withstand a good deal of punishment without paying an arm and a leg for it. I’ve found great deals on Craigslist in the past. You can’t beat free!


A lot of people prefer having light containers. This allows them to move their stuff themselves without risking injury or hiring someone else to do it. This is great for those of us that move a lot (Me, me, me!) and makes moving much more cost effective. Moving companies aren’t cheap.

Do you have a favorite storage container or moving box company?


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  1. Luckily I haven’t had to move in some 25 years but durability is a big one for me. Especially that they can hold some weight w/o the bottom falling out! Obviously last year you became a new expert on the entire subject, Krystle! 🙂

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