Fun Fall Biking: Why Wearing a Helmet is Necessary

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With the approach of autumn, many families are making plans to spend time in the beautiful fall weather and take in the colorful sights of the season. As they prepare to bike on one of their local trails to enjoy the changing leaves and autumn sunshine, parents may be well reminded to make sure everyone in their family wears a bicycle helmet. While most parents are aware of the importance of wearing a helmet, they may be less willing to obstruct their own view of the trees and weather while they are out biking. They can take these reminders into consideration and ensure that helmets are a part of their autumn biking enjoyment.

Helmets Prevent Head Injuries

Thousands of children end up in the E.R. each year with head injuries that could have been prevented had they been wearing helmets. Taking a tumble off a bike may be an obligatory part of childhood; however, some tumbles could lead to bumps, bruises, and injuries that may turn serious. Rather than risk their children’s safety, parents can protect their kids from head injuries by making sure they have their helmets on while riding their bikes.

Bike Safety is Never Guaranteed

Even if their kids are expert riders, parents cannot guarantee that other bikers out on the trail are as proficient and safety minded. If another biker crashes into a family, those who are wearing helmets may escape the worse physical trauma. Children in particular could suffer devastating injuries to their heads and necks as the result of a crash. If they are wearing a helmet, they may walk away from the accident with minimal damage.

Helmets Protect Against Falling Objects

Many parents fail to take into consideration the threat of falling objects as they are out biking. However, if they are biking in a public park, they are surrounded by people who may be playing football, baseball, soccer, tennis, and other sports. Getting hit in the head with a flying piece of sports equipment can be painful, if not downright dangerous. They can protect themselves and their kids from pop-fly baseballs, speeding tennis balls, and hurtling footballs by wearing helmets as they bike around the public park.

Local Law May Require Helmet Usage

More cities across the country are mandating that bicyclers wear helmets when they are out on public trails. If parents are in one of those cities, they can avoid paying fines and being under the scrutiny of law enforcement by making sure that everyone in the group is wearing their helmets.

Public parks and trails are actively patrolled by law enforcement officials assigned to those areas. They have no problem stopping families and giving people tickets for not wearing their helmets. They may even insist that people get off their bikes and walk the rest of the trail. This hassle can be avoided if people remember to wear their helmets while biking.

Many people take to the trails and parks to bicycle and enjoy the fall weather once autumn arrives. As they enjoy this seasonal activity, they are reminded to wear their helmets and be safe on the trails.

This guest post was written by Melanie Fleury. She enjoys taking her 4 kids out for bike rides when the weather allows, but never without a helmet. She wrote this article in hopes that other parents will understand the dangers of allowing their children to ride without a helmet. The attorneys at are affiliated with the Low Country Helmets for Kids organization and counsel on the importance of helmet use.



  1. Susan Cooper says:

    Sadly I knew a person who lost their life by not wearing a protection helmet by when riding her bike. That said I never ride without mine. 🙂

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