Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

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Do you know someone who has just recently purchased a new home? If you do, this person will likely need many things for their new home. It would be a nice gesture on your part to give your friend a house warming present to celebrate their new purchase. There are many different things that all new homeowners will appreciate. Before you buy anything, find out what your friend needs. You do not want to buy something that he or she already has. Here are some great gift ideas for new homeowners.

1. Artwork

Your friend will not want to look at empty walls in his or her new home. Therefore, some beautiful artwork is called for. Obviously, art is a very subjective thing. Before you begin to buy art to decorate your friend’s home, it would be a good idea to get a sense of their taste in art. This will make it easier for you to find some things that your friend will want to proudly display on his or her walls for many years to come. Along with paintings, you can also buy frames so they can hang up their family photos.

2. Wicker furniture

If your friend does not have a lot of furniture, this is something that will need to be remedied as well. Wicker is a fantastic product that has many different uses. Furniture that is made from wicker has been popular for many years because it is not expensive allowing you to buy many pieces without going broke. It also has a timeless look to it that many people find appealing especially with certain motifs. Furniture made from wicker is also generally regarded as being very comfortable but adding throw pillows and cushions to it won’t hurt. A great place to do your shopping is Wicker Paradise. They will be able to help you fit wicker into your design.

3. A Cleaning Gift Certificate

Your friend might want to give his or her house a thorough cleaning before moving in especially if it’s a resale. You can give your friend a gift certificate for a free carpet cleaning or a standard housekeeping service where they come over and work their magic. In either case, this is a gift that your friend is certain to appreciate. Even though your friend’s home might appear to be clean at first glance, it is always better to let a professional cleaning company do their thing before moving your possessions inside. You never know what might be lurking around. Give your friend a clean home to move into, they will thank you for it!

What is your favorite house warming gift you’ve received?


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