Liking a Facebook Page as an Extra Entry into a Giveaway [Updated]

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Have you noticed that I do not offer liking Home Jobs by MOM’s Facebook page or anything relating to Facebook as an extra entry into my giveaways? You may be thinking to yourself, “Why not? It’s a great way to gain followers!”. Okay, you probably have not noticed since I am quite new in the blogging world but I don’t. Partly out of fear and mostly out of confusion.

A few weeks ago I officially launched my blog with a giveaway (yay me!) but before setting up my giveaway I researched how to do them. I wanted to make sure I would be doing them correctly and maybe find some useful pointers from the blogging veterans out there.

During my research I came across multiple articles about Facebook promotions and liking a page on Facebook as an extra entry into a giveaway. There were so many mixed views on this subject that it just hurt my head. Needless to say, I was thoroughly confused about Facebook’s promotion guidelines on liking a page.

In my short time here in the blogosphere, I have come across so many websites that offer extra entries into their giveaways by liking a specific Facebook page. I’d personally love to add liking my Facebook page as an extra entry into my giveaways. Why you ask? Because it would bring me more followers! I need followers being a newbie. One of the reasons people host giveaways in the first place is to draw people to their blog and increase their social media followers. After all, people are naturally drawn to things where you can get something for little to no monetary value. Winning items you already need or plan purchase saves people money… plus it’s always fun to win something! It’s a win win!

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Amongst the mixed views on this subject only two articles had an impact on my decision to not include liking my Facebook page (or anything Facebook) as an extra entry into my giveaways. The author’s of these two articles actually had some real interaction with a Facebook representative. I am all for facts and not fiction.

In case you didn’t know, the Facebook Promotions Guidelines state: “You must not use Facebook features or functionality as a promotion’s registration or entry mechanism. For example, the act of liking a Page or checking in to a Place cannot automatically register or enter a promotion participant”. To me this is just a bunch of jibber jabber that my two year might as well be relaying to me because I just don’t get it. Even this video by Facebook does not explain these guidelines well enough in my mind. It’s just a little too vague for me. I must be dense or something.

I do, however, understand cold hard facts. Melanie Nelson, the author of the blog Blogging Basics 101, directly asked Facebook “You cannot ask people to Like a fan page as an entry into a promotion — not as a main entry, nor as an extra entry”. Facebook’s response was “Hi Melanie – You are correct….”. Again, Leslie Mayorga, the author of the blog Leslie Loves Veggies, directly asked Facebook ” Can I have my Readers like a Facebook Page for bonus entry into a giveaway?”. Facebook responded with “This is against our guidelines. Per the clause below, you cannot use any native tool of Facebook as a method of entry. Therefore, you cannot have users like the page to get bonus entries, there is no way for you to track that nor pull a full list of your facebook fans anyways”.

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While people can interpret the legal mumbo jumbo of Facebook’s Promotions Guidelines in a slew of ways you can’t deny that there is no confusion about those two statements. My simple little mind even understands them. Liking a Facebook page as any type of entry into a giveaway is a big no no.

I’m going to go with the motto “It’s better to be safe than sorry”. I know I am just starting out in the blogging world but I would hate to lose my dinky Facebook page over something as silly as a giveaway. You can, however, do something that Facebook does allow called Like-Gating. This is where you get people to Like your page first to reveal a custom tab like a giveaway. Please visit my Facebook page and become my fan! I can’t wait to interact with you! Do you use liking your Facebook page as an extra entry into your giveaways? Have you heard any other reliable information from a Facebook representative that contradicts those statements?

*As of August 2, 2012 Home Jobs by MOM will be offering liking a Facebook Page as an extra entry into their giveaways due to a recent article I read about the Rafflecopter widget.


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45 responses to Liking a Facebook Page as an Extra Entry into a Giveaway [Updated]

  1. You are absolutely correct that you can not require people to like your page in order to enter a contest. I run contests for my company on Facebook all the time. It is somewhat complicated but the rules are laid out pretty simply. The best thing is not to do something because you see someone else doing it. I see an incorrect contest at least once daily.
    Lindsey recently posted..Spring Soccer and Fun in the WindMy Profile
    Twitter: dishwaterdreams

    • You are so right that you shouldn’t do something just because someone else is doing it. That’s why I researched a little bit before starting something I was unsure of. Practically every giveaway I have come across while listing my giveaways does this as an extra entry. I wish I could have liking a page as an entry but I’m the follow the rules kind of gal. BTW, I love the picture in your header!
      Twitter: homejobsbymom

  2. Jamie

    I completely agree with you =) I shy away from anything related to making someone like a page. It’s up to them.

    • I wish I could use liking my Facebook page but I’m a scaredy cat lol. I’m grateful for those that do it on their own though. It means more.
      Twitter: homejobsbymom

  3. I thought I had read it wasn’t allowed at some point. Thanks for posting this! I always want to do a giveaway…but I am always afraid of getting no entries. LOL
    Twitter: mrsptb

    • You’re welcome! I’m sure you would get entries. Everyone loves free stuff! I’ve noticed so far people like cash or gift cards better than other items.
      Twitter: homejobsbymom

  4. I land on the same side you do. And I always like finding people who play fair, i.e. follow the FB rules.

    I’m Liking your Page. If you’re interested, you can Like mine, too.
    No prize and no obligation :-)
    Lori Lavender Luz recently posted..Perfect Moment Monday: It’s fun to play at the YMCAMy Profile
    Twitter: LavLuz

  5. I agree – I subscribe to the “better safe than sorry” club as well! It is all very confusing – when you read the clear language – but see it done time and time again. . .btw – I totally “liked” your facebook page =)

    hchybinski recently posted..Project Life Week #11My Profile

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  31. Bobb

    The odd part is their policies contradict themselves.

    In the promotions section of the guidlines, they say this:

    “You must not condition registration or entry upon the user taking any action using any Facebook features or functionality other than liking a Page, checking in to a Place, or connecting to your app. For example, you must not condition registration or entry upon the user liking a Wall post, or commenting or uploading a photo on a Wall.”

    So sounds like you can like a page….

    Then they say this:

    “You must not use Facebook features or functionality as a promotion’s registration or entry mechanism. For example, the act of liking a Page or checking in to a Place cannot automatically register or enter a promotion participant.”

    Why would someone write it this way? It says you can, then says you cannot!


  32. I’m new to your site and not sure if you’ve found your answer to this or not but thought I’d offer my two cents.
    I couldn’t read past the mambo jumbo either, so I just emailed Facebook and ask…seems like a no brainer but it took me weeks to get that conclusion.
    In the manner that giveaway blogs offer the entry option, we are in the clear because our blogs serve as the third party and we don’t require the “like” as the’s optional.
    I also have a disclaimer that releases Facebook from any and all liability.
    Good luck and welcome to the cyber-block :)
    Closer to Lucy recently posted..Thoughts on the Sleep Number bed – Feature guest post @SleepNumberSara @momsmutteringsMy Profile

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  34. Christa Krebs

    Ah, well I initially commented on this when I “stumbled” it for the Cook’n Recipe Organizer Software giveaway. Guess I should have waited because the next possible entry requested a meaningful & helpful comment to be posted on a non-giveaway link (which I had just done, but on StumbleUpon instead of on the actual post! So here is my original post for the purpose of earning the bonus entries available!

    No worries, I liked your FB page, but I can understand your concerns. I don’t have a black and white answer for you, but I can say that among the MANY blogs I follow and often enter contests with, I have never had a single one NOT ask me to “Like” FB pages and “Follow” twitter ids for any sponsors of said giveaway (either as a mandatory entry or a voluntary “bonus” entry. Some bloggers will even go so far as to give additional entries for sending a request to “friend” any sponsors who haven’t obtained an actual FB page. So good luck with figuring this one out, but if your concerns end up being founded, there could be some very unhappy bloggers out there who haven’t complied with FB rules! I’d love to know if you find a concrete answer though! Not only because I find the question intriguing, but also because I’ve recently played with the idea of starting a small blog myself– so the answer might come in handy and increasingly relevant to me!
    Twitter: christaj3

    • Hehe. I’ve seen almost the exact opposite. Almost all of the blogs I visit for giveaways ask to like a FB page as an extra entry. If I could just get the information from FB I’d be willing to do it.
      Twitter: homejobsbymom

  35. Hey Krystle! Thanks for the update regarding Rafflecopter and Facebook entries revolving around the like button functionality. It’s good to clear things up once and for all :)


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