Getting Glasses as a Child and Just Eyewear [Review]

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I have always had horrible eye sight. I remember in elementary school having to squint at the chalkboard and sometimes taking quick peeks at eye charts beforehand just so I would pass eye tests. I hated the thought of getting glasses. Only dorks wear glasses, right? At least that’s what I thought at the time although I still think I look awful in glasses to this day.

Unfortunately, by 4th grade my tricks no longer worked and I was diagnosed nearsighted. Getting glasses as a child is never fun but I remember driving home after getting my glasses and thinking how amazing everything looked. Everything was so crisp. I could actually see street signs and trees had edges. I loved it.

Despite how much I loved it I still didn’t like wearing glasses at school. I would take them with me and if I needed them I would put them on for a quick sec and then put them away. I just knew I would get made fun of if I wore them. After All I already got made fun of for my eyes being almond shaped. I swear kids will find anything to make fun of. Just this past week my son got made fun of for wearing a shirt that had a character on it. They were calling him a baby. Just because it may be something they do not like they make fun. So now he has refused to wear character shirts to school. We try to tell him not to worry about what other people think but we all know how hard that is. I still have a super hard time with that myself.

I think after two years of me not really wearing my glasses my parents were finally fed up with me. I still couldn’t see well and refused to wear my glasses for the most part. It didn’t help either that my eyelashes are so long that they would hit the lenses. Not fun or comfortable. They agreed to let me get contacts. I was so happy. I was able to start 6th grade being able to see everything and blend in a little better.

If you ever let your  child get contacts make sure they take care of them properly. I would go days without taking them out or cleaning them. I had times when I was a child when my contacts got lost in the back of my eyeball and other times when I got eye infections. All because I wasn’t taking care of them like I should of been. So please stay on top of your child and their contacts.

So for the past 17 years or so I’ve been a contacts girl. I can only think of two pairs of glasses I have owned-ever. Well, that was until I received a pair of glasses from Just Eyewear. Just Eyewear offers affordable glasses and sunglasses with the ease of shopping online. It was actually pretty simple to order my glasses online. This infographic explains the process better than I ever could…

It took less than a week to receive my glasses and I even received email updates every step of the way. In addition to my glasses being perfect for lounging around the house at night they came with a hard case, cleaning cloth, a glasses screwdriver, and a coupon towards another purchase. They also have a great return policy (you can return or replace for any reason for up to year from the original purchase). I accidentally ordered reading glasses instead of regular glasses (oops) and they shipped them back for free! These glasses are perfect for those nights I can’t sleep and want to go downstairs without having to put my contacts back in. Do you wear glasses? Or do you prefer contacts? Why do you like what you do?

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  1. I am glad I never had to wear glasses as a child I think I would have hated it, I had a friend who had to wear glasses in fact I can remember when we were in year 2 she had one eye covered as well and she didn’t have many friends back then and was picked on a lot even more then me and that is saying something. Now I wear glasses for reading but they are not prescribtion glasses I just buy them from the $2 shop……….

    • It def isn’t fun getting glasses as a child. I only hope my kids don’t have my bad eyesight. My step brother had to the patch thing too. His was because of a lazy eye.

  2. Susan Cooper says:

    I did the exact same thing. That is way to funny. I felt my glasses detracted from me. I never felt very pretty so the gasses just had to go. Contacts were ok but in the end I finally decide they were worth it and I am now a full time gasses wearer. I am also not quite and vain… LOL.

    • I also hate that when I wear glasses I see the rims of the frames. It bothers me. I guess I just never wore them enough to get used to it. I will probably have to give into glasses one day but today is not that day lol.

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