#GoodWhiskeyHipFlasks Gift Box Set Review

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good whiskey flask

I’ve never really been into hard liquors unless they are in a cocktail. Occasionally I’ll take a shot of a clear liquor but never darker liquors. They are just way too potent for me. I can immediately feel bad after tasting bourbon, whiskey, or scotch. There’s just something about them. Just give me some wine. My father in law on the other hand is a Jim Beam man. More power to him!

He does live in Kentucky so it makes some sense. Kentucky is kind of known for horses, blue grass, white picket fences, and bourbon. Well, I think I just found a great Christmas present for him – this Good Whiskey Hip Flask Box Set. Yes, it’s already that time of year, saving for Christmas time.

This gift box set includes a 6 oz stainless steel hip flask, two shot glasses (so you can be polite and share of course), and a funnel. Everything in this set is well protected with each item having it’s own cutout in the foam backing within the gift box. The box is nice enough to stick a bow on it and consider it wrapped too!

Just be careful when screwing the leak proof top back on. It needs to line up correctly (obviously) or it can make it difficult to remove. This may be a handy obstacle if you had quite a few already!

It’s not too heavy so carrying it around is quite easy especially in a purse or back pocket. And if you happen to get finger prints on it, furniture polish will take them right off!

I would highly recommend the Good Whiskey Hip Flask Box Set to anyone looking the perfect gift for that liquor lover in your life. Great quality, great packaging, just plain great!



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  1. I do and at times drink scotch my drink of choice is Southern Comfort, and I can’t stand bourbon although most of my siblings and by most I mean all do like bourbon or rum, many years ago my mum gave Tim a hip flask and although he rarely uses it he loves it because it was from mum

    • I’m not well enough versed in alcohol to have a drink of choice yet. I’m still experimenting on what I like. That’s sweet that he loves it because mum gave it to him! I like some things more just because of the person who gave it to me too.

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