Green Cleaning: Be Environmentally Friendly And Clean

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green cleaning

Green living started out as a fad some years back, and many people were cynical about how long it would last and how practical it was. Most critics decided that green practices were just a passing phase and a trend that would soon give way to something new. Those who were critical of its adaptability basically felt that green living involves making too much of an effort and discarding easily available products and practices in favour of more complex and time-consuming ones.

However, green living has caught on, and if you are an environmentally conscious homeowner, why not take it to the next step and use green cleaning practices to keep your home neat and tidy? There are so many ways you can replace chemical and toxic cleaning products around the house with more environmentally friendly and health friendly alternatives. If you aren’t entirely convinced about changing your current housecleaning practices and adopting more environmentally friendly ones, here are a few reasons and arguments in favour of the idea.

Improve the Environment and Your Families Health

To begin with, you will be greatly limiting or completely doing away with the use of artificial chemicals in the house. Which means, not only will you be reducing the damage done to the environment, you will also be promoting the overall health standard in your home. The reduced levels of toxic residual layers on different items and surfaces in your home as well as fewer chemical vapours and toxins released into the air will positively impact the health of your entire family. Also, fewer hazardous and artificial products used will mean that those suffering from allergies or other health conditions will have a much safer and improved environment. Green products are less likely to trigger off allergies or cause infections or illnesses because they are usually made from all-natural ingredients.

The run-off from cleaning products used in the house to the water systems running in the house is astounding. By switching to environmentally friendly cleaning products, you will green cleaningbe restricting toxic content from entering the waterworks in your home, thus directly raising the quality of water and making it less toxic and safer to use for all kinds of household purposes.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Habits

The whole point of cleaning your home regularly is to keep it neat and sanitized and free of any germs and dirt. It is ironic that to get rid of toxic substances and materials, we use other highly dangerous and toxic concoctions! Here are some tips to reduce your usage of toxic cleaning agents and practices and adopt environmentally friendly cleaning habits instead.

The easiest way to make the change would be to start purchasing products that are especially designed keeping environmental concerns in mind. A lot of international and national brands and companies in the housecleaning niche have started making products and tools that are environmentally friendly. These are typically priced higher than their regular range but then spending a little extra for products that are much better quality and much less toxic does make sense. The next time you visit a general store or supermarket, look for green-friendly, non-toxic cleaning supplies and products.

If you are a proactive environmentalist and are willing to adopt green cleaning thoroughly, then consider making your own cleaning products. You can find a lot of recipes and ideas for homemade cleaning products on the Internet and most of these can be whipped up using items, ingredients and things that will already be there in the house. In fact, most housecleaning products will come from kitchen ingredients. A little research, trial and error and some practice is all it takes to make the shift from store-bought chemical cleaners to homemade, natural ones. This switch will also help you save money in the long run too.

This guest post was written by Grace. She is a housewife, passionate about flowers, cooking and decoupage. I hope you enjoyed some of her tips and ideas.



  1. I think the easiest and most environmentally-friendly cleaner you could use in your home is a little vinegar and water. I fill a spray bottle with about a 1/4 cup of vinegar, a couple of drops of dishwashing detergent and fill the rest with warm water. I’ve used this in my home for several years to clean just about everything. It’s simple, cost effective and the house smells clean.

  2. I am all for green cleaning and try my best to always use green products sometimes I may not but for the most part I do………….this was a great post and one I hope lots of people get something from……………that is learning to clean the green way…………..

  3. Jennifer Woodard says:


    Great post, now if I could just get over hating to clean.


  4. Jon Jefferson says:

    We strive for the green solution as much as possible. Even when it comes to pest control and such. Using simple things like a small cup of lemon juice in an ants work path can send them away.

  5. This is super informative. I’ve been going green for a while and although I can definitely make improvements, it’s nice to feel part of something great. Thanks for posting this!

  6. Kelly Wade says:

    Its so weird to think that people are still resisting the idea that we’re killing our planet and these incredible natural disasters will only get worse unless we make BIG changes. Of course it will take an entire population to collectively make changes like these in order to make a difference, but articles like this are a step in the right direction to bring green-friendly products to light to help lessen the damage we’re doing to the Earth.

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