Growing With Whitney Farms

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Here recently my husband and I have been trying to get our flower beds in check. We have spent weeks digging up old mulch, replacing soil, & planting flowers, fruits, and veggies with new mulch. It has been quite a process. Now I only hope some of the plants live. I don’t have the greenest thumb in the world so we will see.

I just heard about organic soil and plant food products from Whitney Farms. Their products have no additives and are completely organic. I love that idea! Their organic plant food would be a safer choice for the strawberries, tomatoes, and herbs I planted in my backyard. I can never be too safe with my kids. Who know’s what is in other soils and plant foods? I bet other soils and plant foods have ingredients that can’t be pronounced like so many other products that are over processed.

I have two boys that love dirt. What boy doesn’t? I swear I could just give them a shovel, some water, and a dirt pile and they would have a ball. Not that I actually want them doing that for the obvious reasons. If I did though I would end up with two little mud dobbers that would need a good scrub down but at least they would have a smile plastered on their dirty little faces while doing it. With Whitney Farms’ soil I at least wouldn’t have to worry about that gross manure smell and it would be much easier on my nose with low dust. I have been having quite a time this season with my allergies and so the less dust there is outside my house the better!

Want your garden to go organic? Here is a $3 coupon to try out Whitney Farms® soils or plants foods. Please let me know what you think of their products if you try them out. Do you have a green thumb? Have you been planting flowers or veggies this season?


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  1. Happy gardening. The photographs are great. I am sure your flower beds will be looking even prettier in the coming days.

  2. Love the photos of the flowers I don’t do flowers………….why because I am a normal human being………….like what type of wierdo does flowers as is in doing it with a flower……………lol sorry have a moment……………………

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