Three Hair Styles Using the Paddle Brush

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Do you own a paddle brush? Most people buy paddle brushes to work with long hair. But did you know that your paddle brush can do more than tame your long locks? My friends at Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry want you to know the unique flat and wide design of this classic hair brush can be used to create everything from straight and smooth looks to adding volume and bounce.

Here are three styles you can achieve using the paddle brush:

Straight and Sleek

The main purpose of the paddle brush is to smooth and detangle your hair. Use it when you first blow-dry your hair or after a vent brush to get that sleek and straight look. Section your hair with clips in three main sections, the nape, middle, and the crown. Then blow dry your hair with the paddle brush underneath each part of the hair.

Build Volume

Going to a wedding and want to add volume and bounce to your hair? Apply the backcombing technique using a paddle brush. Beginning in the front of the hair, select a part about an inch thick. Press the brush down to your scalp and slide it down and out to create a base. Roll the brush using the inner part of the brush, press, and lock in.

Slicked-Back Ponytail

Another great style you can create with your paddle brush is the slicked-back ponytail which is very versatile. It’s perfect for casual gatherings but also can be paired nicely with a prom dress. Start with straight, sleek hair. Use your paddle brush to gather your hair underneath the crown and brush the sides as you pull the hair back. Instead of a regular hair tie, use a bungie hair tie to secure your ponytail – a trick that prevents bumps in your ponytail.

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Do you own a paddle brush?


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  1. Pooh! I do love that brush. I’ll need to check one out.

  2. I always use a paddle brush . I will surely try to do the volume building trick. Sounds pretty easy..

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