5 Healthy Ways To Boost Energy With belVitaBreakfast Biscuits

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5 Healthy Ways To Boost Energy With belVita Biscuits

Surviving The Day With belVita Biscuits

As a busy parent, I know all too well that zombie feeling that comes at 6:30 am when the alarm clock goes off. It’s time to start a new day, slowly. That means dealing with a crying seven-year-old who gets WAY to use to school breaks before starting work. Let me tell you, it’s super fun! I just go through the motions but I am not really awake.

Life is hectic and I don’t always have the time to cook a hot breakfast unless it’s a weekend. Even then it’s usually just for the kids. Yes, I admit it, I am a breakfast skipper. My hot cup coffee is my breakfast most of the time. It’s no wonder I feel like a zombie until noon. Here are some healthy ways to boost energy so you can survive the day without biting someone’s head off + the PERFECT grab & go breakfast OR snack.

Eat Breakfast

We’ve all heard it a million times, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Despite this being the case, at least 1 out of 10 adults skip breakfast. Guilty as charged. Eating breakfast really does have its benefits, though. It helps improve your mood and keeps you more alert. I’m not saying to eat any old thing like a donut, though.

5 Healthy Ways To Boost Energy With belVita Biscuits back of box

You want something that will get you over the slump of zombie mood and give you steady nutritious energy. I found the perfect thing – belVita Biscuits (and a serving of milk and fruit). They are delicious AND in convenient individual packs! They come in many varieties but my favorite is probably the cinnamon & brown sugar although the oats & chocolate are up there too.

Start Your Day With Fuel

belvita sandwich

Yes, eating a donut might quash your sweet tooth but it has very little benefits. You just temporarily spike your blood sugar and wait for the inevitable crash. But, belVita Biscuits provides you with so much more. They are packed with whole grains, fiber, and protein – all of which are essential to boosting energy. They even contain B vitamins which play an important role in how energy is released.

Snack Right

5 Healthy Ways To Boost Energy With belVita Biscuits above

If you go too long between meals your blood sugar will drop. Commonly known as the afternoon drag. Again, choosing the right foods is key to boosting your energy. By the time 3 o’clock rolls around, the vending machine of candy and chips may be screaming your name, but resist! Not only does belVita Biscuits have the crunchy, sandwich, soft baked, and yogurt crunch varieties, they also have belVita Bites Breakfast Biscuits. They are perfect for dipping in greek yogurt along side some fruit – that goes equally well in yogurt. Tons better than foods that just give you empty calories.

Drink More Water

Sometimes when we are tired we are actually just dehydrated. Think about the times where you’ve drank a little too much booze. You know the feeling! A nice cold glass of water may be just what you need to fight off the other zombies.


I know this is going to sound strange and counter-intuitive. Exerting energy will give me more energy? Yes, it’s true. I know you would rather go back to bed when you are tired than take a walk around the block, but it may be that energy boost you are looking for. So instead of laying with your head down, take a quick stroll and get that blood pumping. Better yet take a quick stroll to Walmart down their cracker aisle where they have many different flavors and forms of belVita Biscuits.

belvita biscuits

While you’re at it stop by your nearest participating Walmart on Saturday, January 7th or Sunday, January 8th for a special belVita Breakfast in-store event.

belvita coupon

Each location will offer belVita Breakfast samples, exclusive savings, smoothies, giveaways and more.

belvita in store

PLUS right now you can save even more! There is currently an Ibotta rebate going on at Walmart where earn $0.50 off any belVita Breakfast Biscuits variety and size. Now through January 14, 2017.

But before you go, be sure to grab your deal on belVita Breakfast Biscuits here.


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  1. momknowsbest15 says:

    My boys love these for snacks too, The chocolate ones are the best

    • My boys do too. Their taste is better than I expected because when I think healthy, I think lack of flavor, haha.

  2. I’ve eaten these before and they’re pretty tasty. Definitely would buy them again.

    • I’m glad you liked them! I was excited to see they had the soft baked line and couldn’t resist.

  3. I love Belvita! They have a nice variety of soft baked or crispy snacks that are healthy and taste delicious! I’ll have to try the breakfast bites.

    • You’ll love the breakfast bites just as much as the other stuff. They have such a consistent taste. Love when a company accomplishes that!

  4. Emma white says:

    This is a great post my eldest daughter was wanting something like these the other day so will show her this as would be ideal for her 🙂 thankyou for sharing!

  5. Michelle Gwynn Jones says:

    I just had one of these at a friends. I didn’t realize they were a breakfast supplement. They were very good.

  6. I can’t believe that you can have this complete breakfast packed with energy boosting nutrients in just a small pack of biscuit (belVita Bites Breakfast Biscuits). I know I badly needed this now.

    • I was pretty excited when I tried them. It’s hard to believe they’re so good for you while tasting as nice as they do, ha!

  7. My husband really likes these belvita biscuits but for me the jury is still out. They are really popular these days and it if gets people eating breakfast I guess its a good thing. You always seem to have more falvours in the US than us, bit jealous lol

    • What flavors and options do you have there for belvita? We do have quite a few options sometimes, haha. You could order them I’m sure!

  8. Belvita is my kind of snack every day and it’s also my snack-on-the-go when I’m traveling.

  9. I love belvita’s they are delicious and a great nutritional start to the day! I like drinking mine with milk mmm.

    • Milk is such a great idea! Kind of like cereal without the bowl and mess. Sounds delicious!

  10. What a nice post! These are great tips to boost energy. Have snack snack right:)

    • Yes! Boosting energy is important to get through the day and just the right snack will do the trick!

  11. sound like a healthy tips, gotta try! 😉

  12. These sound delicious and look like they would go great with fresh fruit. I love snacks that pair well with fruit.

    • Somebody else pointed out that they go great with yogurt. So I can imagine that fresh fruit would be a great pairing!

  13. These sound like a great way to keep hunger pangs at bay. I can imagine that they’ll be perfect anytime of the day!

    • You bet they are! They’re easy to eat while on the move. They are definitely heavy enough that you’re held over for a meal after you eat one.

  14. I tend to skip breakfast too. I have heard so many great things about belVita biscuits but haven’t tried them yet. I know that my mother-in-law loves them!

    • It took me forever to listen to people about how good they were. After I tried them, I was hooked and definitely eat them for more than just breakfast, haha!

  15. I like these ideas! I think some Belvita biscuits would be a great way to start my day. I definitely want to try the sandwiches.

  16. Oooo these breakfast biscuits sound rather tasty!!!!! I will need to buy a box when I’m shopping later this week

    • You’ll be happy you did. Try not to eat the whole box…it was difficult for me to put them down. haha!

  17. Elizabeth O. says:

    It’s important to make sure that you start your day with a full stomach. I make sure that my kids and I never miss breakfast. These are great tips!

  18. What they have a soft baked version now??? Ok I am sold, next time I got to the store I am buying! I love to eat these with yogurt.

  19. I think I have tried these biscuits before and they really taste good, especially with a cup of coffee.

  20. Sounds like a good snacks! I bet my kids would love this for sure. I would give it a try

  21. I’ve been eating these every morning and not only are they delicious, they really do give me energy. I love the soft biscuits.

  22. Robin Rue says:

    I have always wanted to give these a try! They look like they would pair perfectly with my coffee.

  23. These look absolutely delicious! I need to give them a shot because my mornings are totally hectic.

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