Homemade Lip Peels: Forget About Dry and Cracked Lips

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Isn’t it a terrible feeling when your lips are dry and cracked because they are inflamed and hurt? There are a lot of reasons why this happens to our lips. The most widespread are: cold weather, wind, smoking, sun rays, dehydration and when you breathe with your mouth opened. Then there is lip discoloration. Lip discoloration is often caused by excessive smoking but can also be caused by coffee and tea consumption. Now that we know the main reasons for this problem, let’s see how we can get rid of it at home.

Peel Your Lips with Sugar

Sugar can be used as a natural peel which helps get rid of dead cells. It is considered to be safe due to absence of chemical elements in its composition. To achieve the best result it is necessary to prepare a paste out of olive oil and sugar. Apply this paste on your lips and keep it on for about a minute. Wipe your lips with wet cloth and repeat the procedure in two days.

Honey Lip Peel

Honey is one of the most popular ingredients used in the production of cosmetics. It has wonderful moisturizing and hydrating qualities. Mix one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of sugar. The received paste should be applied on lips. Then wait until it dries up. After this you should wipe your lips with wet cloth thoroughly. If you want this paste to have more pleasant aroma you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Use a Toothbrush to Peel Your Lips

You may be surprised but that your toothbrush can serve as a perfect way to exfoliate dead cells from your lips. Do you know how to use it? It is very easy. First, you should apply moisturizing cream on your lips and then brush your lips in circular movements gently. Don`t try to scrape them, because it will only create new problems such as irritation or inflammation. After this procedure your lips will be soft and tender. When the dead cells are removed you don`t need to do this procedure again. You can try to use soft toothbrush in order not to hurt your tender skin on your lips.

Soda Peeling for Your Lips

Make a paste of soda and water. This paste should be applied on your lips tenderly. This paste will be absorbed by your lips. Leave this paste on for a minute and then remove it. This will help you to moisturize your lips. Don`t forget to apply lip balm after this procedure in order to moisturize your lips.

Lemon Juice Lip Peel

One of the best ways to treat cracked lips is lemon juice. To make this special peel you should mix one tablespoon of castor oil with glycerin. Apply this mixture on your lips before you are going to bed. In the morning you should remove it with a wet cotton pad or any other material. It is very effective because lemon juice takes away dead skin cells and at the same time glycerin moisturizes your lips. If you need, you can repeat this procedure one more time.

Use Rose Petals to Peel Your Lips

One more amazing method of peeling is to keep rose petals in milk for a several hours. When they are wet enough you should make a paste with them and apply it on your cracked lips. It will add a natural rosiness to your lips and they will be moisturized and softened.

Now you know some of the homemade exfoliation methods for cracked lips. See it is easy to make natural cosmetics all by yourself!

Remember these simple rules:

1. Drink a lot of water.
2. Apply lip balm before going out.
3. Reduce or avoid smoking.

Follow these rules and you will forget about cracked lips forever! Once you have healed your dry and cracked lips you may want to improve how they look. Did you know one of the easiest ways to make lips fuller is to use simple makeup hints (pictured tutorial at WikiTalks reveals this secret)?


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